three worthy things

coming at you from the comfort of my parent’s house in denver where it’s cold, snowy and i have a full cup of coffee –  i’m certainly not moving anywhere quickly.

last week i wrote about the trouble of taking care of your skin while flying. one of the biggest takeaways was the importance of a physical sunscreen. i mentioned wanting to try this specific product – and well, sephora was one of my first stops on this trip. the cream is supposed to help smooth out any sort of redness, acne and/or blemishes. it also brags about protecting against UV light and environmental pollution.

i’ve used it every day this week and i’m obsessed. to be honest, i’ve always been self conscious of my skin – i’ve used multiple products to even out my hyper-pigmentation or new blemish [yes, i’m 28 and still get acne. eye roll.] but with the addition of this product, i can honestly eliminate most of the others i had been using. it smooths out my skin without looking fake and makes my morning routine much easier. one thing i’m still learning is the appropriate amount of moisturizer to put on before – my skin is adjusting to the dry climate in denver and it needs a bit more lovin’.

head to sephora and get yourself some of this. ask for a sample which they will happily give you or if you’re ready to jump aboard it comes in two different sizes. let me know your thoughts!

i’ve found some really amazing prints and artwork as of recently. i’m looking for some new artwork for my living room – haven’t figured out what one [or ones] will be the winners. votes?

never half-ass two things
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last and final “thing” this week is going to be some of the amazing people i’ve had the opportunity to spend time with this week. grateful for the relationships i have with all of them. ❤ IMG_2364.jpg

madeline, kirby, allie & i at jax 
adi&dad - breck.jpg
bluebird day with my dad
nate&maria - breck.jpg
nate & maria at the canteen
adi-maria-nate - ski hill.jpg
snowiest day on the mountain
alex-tiffany-adi - breck
alex, tiffany & i at the canteen
adi&allie - jax bar
allie & i at jax restaurant

happy saturday!




bal harbour getaway

happy monday!

back to reality which means back to the arctic temperatures in vermont. this past weekend i was able to jet set to miami with girlfriends for some amazing sun and relaxation. we stayed just north of miami beach in bal harbour right on the ocean. we spent our mornings in pajamas on the balcony with a good cup of coffee basking in the sun – it was real nice. 5a908cbb-8922-459a-818b-ac7b0c48b901

we spent friday boppin’ between the pool and the ocean soaking up all the sun we could get. IMG_3386.JPG


saturday we headed over to key biscayne for some boating. seeing miami by boat was definitely one way to avoid all the traffic. the weather couldn’t have been more perfect – 80s and sunny which, apparently, is very atypical for miami in january.

an afternoon of good drinks, sunshine and warm water was exactly what the doctor ordered and we never wanted to stop.

3/5 of the boating gang.
rickenbacker bridge

saturday night we headed towards the wynwood neighborhood to eat at beaker and gray and it was AMAZING. the atmosphere was sheek, the cocktails were on point, we couldn’t stop eating, and we obviously had to find room for our mini doughnuts on the dessert menu. let’s just say, you cannot miss this place.

and if there’s one thing you can’t miss it’s the oxtail tortellini.


this was the best we could do for a group shot. it was a perfectly timed vacation and an amazing escape from reality.

thank you jess for having us.

jordan, thanks for the laughs and adventures on the boat.

gay island \\ cushing, ME

this weekend was one for the record books. it was one of the best weekends i’ve had in quite some time. lots of friends, fun and sun in a little place called gay island. the island is right off of the small town, cushing, which is 90 minutes north of portland. my boyfriend’s family owns a house on the island and i’ve been lucky enough to partake in the festivities.

we rounded up our friends and hopped in the car thursday afternoon. cushing is about 6 hours from burlington and the island can [quite honestly] be a pain in the ass to get to at night. we decided to drive to portland, enjoy some amazing dinner at duckfat, crash for the night and finish the journey the following morning.

friday rolled around and we hit the road. honestly, the last part of the drive is my favorite – yea, i’m sure it doesn’t help that the end destination is beautiful and who doesn’t love vacation- but the drive is also the most scenic and the back roads of maine are drop.dead.gorgeous.

we loaded up the boat and full steam ahead to gay island. we couldn’t have been luckier when it came to the weather – 80s and sunny throughout the whole weekend. IMG_2362

the house on the island is quite simple, and quite amazing; no plumbing, no built in electricity, no wifi, no television. once you get to the house it’s easy to ‘unplug’ and really spend some time and appreciate your surroundings. the house sleeps up to 10 but just be sure not to invite people you can’t stand; it can feel small when you’re sitting at the kitchen table and you actually have to make conversation. 😀


 when we got there we decided to take the ‘newbies’ exploring around the island. there are some loose woods behind the house, and lucky for us, no cars.

it might be an old wives tale in the andrew’s household, but i’ve heard there is a rogue camel on the island… i’ve yet to see said camel during any of my trips. 😀


friday night hit and we watched the most intense lightening storm from the porch. each strike of lightening was better than the previous lighting up the entire sky. it was INSANE. after that we had an epic battle of monopoly and hit the hay dreaming of camels.

took about 1000 burst photos and got about 2….

saturday was spent fishing from the dock, attempting to dig clams on the beach at low tide, and cruising over to port clyde for some oysters and cocktails.


the biggest oysters! 

after loading up on ice, cold beer and fresh lobsters,  we MAY have hit a bit of rain on the way back to the island. just so happens that it was the only rain we saw all day – figures

the rest of the day was spent in a plethora of ways: lounging, reading in the sun, fishing, shell hunting, napping, you name it. after a delicious meal of fresh seafood the boys stepped up and did the dishes. it was too good to not capture.


sunday, reality sunk in as we had to head back to vermont. luckily none of us had to get back for anything in particular so we weren’t in a rush. plenty of breakfast, coffee, sunning, fishing, and more coffee was had. jumped off the dock a few times and we called it a wrap. cleaned up, loaded our gear back onto the boat and caravanned back to the 802.


i must’ve drawn the short straw…. or something? let’s just call it a moment of weakness… i rode in the dingy all the way back to the main land. comical.

clearly, it was one of the best weekends i’ve had in a while. thank you to everyone who was able to make it happen and i can’t wait until next time!

goodbye for now, gay island!


my uncle, joe, once nicknamed my mom as, mar-t-ha, also short for martha. my dad, calls her, marth while tiffany, siri & i have been known to call her, master martha. master martha really is the best lady around. and this week, she came to visit us in good ol’ burlington. she’s been to visit a bunch during college, and since i’ve graduated, we’ve started to spend the winter holidays here.

she flew in monday and i met up with my sister and my mom after work. after an evening of catching up over a few bottles of wine, we hit the hay.

tuesday we got up, guzzled some coffee, and headed to addison, vt for the day. we decided to spend our morning hours hiking snake mountain. it was my first time hiking up and it was gorgeous! easily one of my new favorite quick hikes. it took us about 2 hours round trip [and that was even with a 30 minute hang out at the top checking out the views]. it wasn’t too steep and with the tree cover all the way up, we were able to stay cool(ish) on the 90 degree day.

the view from the top

after the hike, we figured we were too close to middlebury to not go to our favorite restaurant, the lobby. the lobby is located right along the river and we sat on the shaded porch, ate far too many fries [among other things], and enjoyed a bottle of rose. it’s a great spot with an even better ever-changing menu. if you’re in the area, it’s a must. we finished our evening at a local eatery [because we hadn’t eaten enough…] in the old north end of burlington. butch and babe’s is a relatively new joint with locally sourced ingredients with an emphasis of being a family and neighborhood hangout. i fell in love with my cocktail – gin, basil, and strawberry with a salted rim – what more could i want?!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
the gals at dinner

wednesday we lounged around, spent a few hours at the beach in the terribly humid heat, packed a picnic and headed out to shelburne museum for the edward sharpe and magnetic zeros show. before we had left for the show, we thought the entire night was going to be a bust due to the TORRENTIAL downpour. however,  mother nature, let up and we were able to groove the night away with friends.

we may have started the evening with a few cocktails at home during the rain and then may or may not have had some fun with a photoshoot and some hats. 😀


we started thursday with a mani/pedi combination at the mini spa. nothing better than getting pampered over a cup of coffee after a few too many glasses of wine the night before. 😀 we continued the pampering by heading over to mirror mirror and picked out some new items for our faces. a workout, some lounging, and dinner at tiny thai closed out the vacation week.

it was a great week spent with my mom and sister. time always flies by, so i’m already looking forward to the next reunion. thanks for coming, mar-t-ha!


and thanks for the pic, alexis! XO

springin’ around

happy (official) spring folks.

i’ve been quite busy out here in burlington – mostly just enjoying the weather. and loving every minute of it-obviously. it’s been SO nice to have the sun out more. it makes even the colder days feel a bit more bearable.

here is what i’ve been doing to keep busy recently….

(and yes, i know that i’ve promised a lot of different posts recently – i swear – they’re coming)


my friend, jess, and i spent a day at the spa in stowe. a day FULL of relaxation. we woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and hit the road. after filling up the gas tank and grabbing coffee we were en route. we got there with enough time to unwind and relax a bit before our first service. we both had a massage and it was heavenly. there’s just something about a full body massage that cannot be rivaled by anything else. after the massage, we had a bit of time before our next treatment so we hung out in the sauna and the steam room. facials were up next and we finished the day relaxing with our books by the pool. after we were spa’d out, we grabbed a boozy lunch and made our way back to burlington.

it was a GREAT way to spend a random tuesday, we’re hoping to make a quarterly date.

post spa bliss.

we’ve been trying to get out and about as much as possible during the sunlight hours recently. lots of sunsets down at the lake, or watching from the williams fire escape at UVM. this shot was from one of the boat launches in burlington.


another sunny day we decided to bring a lunch and some booze out to charlotte. my (other) friend, jess, has a camp out there and although it wasn’t technically open for the season, we still lounged on the rocks for hours. the space is just unreal.


last weekend, my sister and i went to san francisco to spend time with our other two sisters. my niece is expecting a younger brother late june and her parents have both decided on a weekend with their friends/siblings before baby number 2 arrives.

L–>R: jen, tiffany, adison, meagan

this was meagan’s weekend. i don’t even really know what to say about the city except that it’s one of my all time favorite places to be in the entire world. we flew in late friday night and headed to right outside the castro where my sister, jen lives.

the view from the end of jen’s street.

saturday was spent brunching at foreign cinema [you cannot miss the homemade pop tarts], walking around the mission and through the haight, and drinking the afternoon away on our friend, wyatt’s roof.

sunday was spent at the banya archimedes spa. (it’s an experience – that’s for sure).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

monday we spent the morning FaceTiming with our dad, and drinking coffee. jen went to work, while meagan, tiffany and i headed to union square for a bit of shopping.


unfortunately, fun always has to come to an end so we flew out monday night on a red eye and landed in burlington on tuesday afternoon. the trip went by far too quickly, but it was another one for the books.

L–> R: tiffany, adison, meagan, jen

we’ll be back at the end of september to meet our new nephew, i’m so excited!

stay tuned for those promised posts…! 😀


i hate to admit it, but ian and i are back from puerto rico, and we had the most amazing time.  vieques is the island off the coast of puerto rico – known for its beaches, snorkeling and abundance of wild horses.

oh, and postcard picture like views

view from my chair at sun bay beach

we filled our time with lots of relaxing. and swimming. and snorkeling. it wasn’t the worst place to spend a week. (;

we landed in san juan and had to take a taxi to fajardo where the ferry is. there are only a few ferrys that leave every day and if it’s full, the locals are guaranteed a spot before the tourists. luckily we didn’t hit capacity so we climbed right on and sailed into the sunset.

renting a car in vieques is highly recommended. there are a ton of taxis but it was nice to have a car to jump into and explore the whole island. we spent half a day just driving around checking it out.

the view from ferry station

we stayed in an airbnb which was conveniently located right near the downtown portion of isabel. the views couldn’t have been any prettier, it was a gorgeous backdrop for the nightly sunset.

i know, it’s rough. this was the sunset that we had to look at for the 6 nights we were there. the pictures just don’t do it justice.

[insert sound of waves in 85 degrees here]


we ate at places all around the island but here were a few of our favorites that certainly shouldn’t be missed:

coqui fire cafe  – small little restaurant on the opposite side of town in isabel. it’s amazing! we actually went there twice when we were there-we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat there again. the guy who owns the restaurant is actually one of the 2 line chefs which is think is very admirable. he clearly cares about the food and his customers. at the end of both meals he walks around asking how everything was and will strike up conversations with all his guests. the first night we were there he brought around some homemade coquito. it’s puerto rico’s traditional egg nog. we met the infamous “80 year old coquito man”. we wished we could’ve brought it home with us.

sol food truck– i had actually found this little gem with the help of fellow trip advisor watchers. 😀 it’s located at the entrance of the national wildlife refuge. it’s only open friday-sunday during the lunch hour [or until everything is sold] and it was most definitely worth planning our day around.

tin box cafe – we stumbled upon tin box when we were driving to the bioluminescent bay (more on that later) and said, “well that looks cool, let’s give it a shot.” and boy are we glad we did. the restaurant prides itself on their sushi and oyster bar. we (albeit, probably stupidly) didn’t order either sushi or oysters and it was still fabulous. they grow all of their own vegetables in their backyard. we sat on the back porch and listened to the sounds of the rainforest. these were way more authentic and enjoyable than the chain restaurant.

like i said before, we ate our way around the island but these were by far the most enjoyable and memorable meals.

i’ve already stressed how much snorkeling and sunning we did, which was definitely the highlight of our trip. one thing that most undoubtedly cannot be missed is a kayak on the bio luminescent bay, mosquito bay.

mosquito bay is claimed to be the brightest bio luminescent bay in the world. we booked our tour with a local guide (and to be honest, i think any tour group that you use will tell you all the exact same stuff), although our kayaks had clear bottoms, which was amazing.

we had to drive down this extremely unkept, bumpy, one lane dirt road in a rickety old 12 passenger van and halfway to the bay, the guide shut the lights off. at this point, all of us had concussions from hitting our heads all over the van and i thought he was going to drive straight into the water. not the most relaxing entrance into the bay….

once we unloaded, strapped on our life jackets and waded through the sulfer smelling mud, we climbed into the kayaks and paddled in the center of the bay. every paddle stroke shot bursts of color into the bay. every fish swimming looked like shooting stars. every so often, we would bang the front of the kayak, fish would scatter and it looked like fireworks.

we took the tour with a couple from maimi who flew in for one night just for the bio bay tour. that’s how remarkable it is. definitely something to be added to the bucket list.

our last day there, we went sailing with little boat sailing to some amazing reefs. the reefs we went to were super clear and had thousands of fish. everything we saw was gorgeous. we sailed to a few different locations and each was equally beautiful. i never thought the day would come where i’d be telling tiffany how many fish, manta rays, turtles and jellyfish i snorkeled with. 😀

we’re waiting on some pictures from our guide still, so when we get them, i’ll be sure to post some of them.

the day came, where reality was calling and we had to answer. but that didn’t happen until we flew off the island in a 8 person plane. IMG_1451

if relaxation is the name of your vacation game, vieques it is.

and let me know when you go, i’ll tag along.

up up and away

i’m leaving. for a week. and i couldn’t be more excited. we’re heading home – colorado, here we come.

i might be the actual worst packer (more like the worst un-packer…. when i get home from a trip my bag is packed literally a week later) of all time.

this is how i pack: i always want something that is in the laundry – because let’s be real – it’s dirty for a reason! attempting to do laundry, but of course half of the clothes that i desperately need (correction: want) to take with are now air drying on the laundry rack. my room is a disaster so i’m attempting to clean that up while i’m getting out all sorts of new clothes. so i’ve got piles of clothes to get put back in the closet and i’ve got piles of clothes that just came out of the closet. then i see something that i haven’t worn in a while and think, “ohhhh, i love this so much, i HAVE to take it with me!” so i revamp my packing list some more and try to figure out how i’ll be able to fit it in. and then i see something and think, “whoa, i didn’t even realize how many clothes i have, i should probably clean out my closet and get rid of some things.”

needless to say, it’s quite difficult. so tonight after doing every single one of those things, i gave up and tiffany and i went on a run.

the easy things to pack – jewels.


quite dated gold, silver and bone necklace – Aldo

long gold signet necklace – jcrew

dainty gold bar necklace – from a lady in woodstock, ny – she has a shop on etsy

big gold hoops – jcrew  

thin silver hoops – i have NO idea where these came from

silver designed hoops – bliss boutique in portland, me

snowflake earrings – jcrew

long spike gold earrings – sweet lady jane in burlington, vt

turquoise and gold spike earrings – nordstrom rack

gold watch – michael kors 

silver watch – nixon