new year, new blogger.

so i log onto wordpress this morning, and what notification do i see but a ‘happy anniversary with wordpress’ post. i think to myself, “oh my gosh, how cute, can’t believe it’s been two years.” and then i click it….

you guys. it’s been FIVE YEARS. five years has come and gone and what do i have to show for it? a blog that i really love to write, but also a blog that i’m so inconsistent in doing so. a week will come and go and i’ll post a couple times, and yet i’ll let three weeks fly by and not post once. when i started sequins & sneakers i was [wishfully] thinking that it was going to be easy – posting, brainstorm, and writing about cool things – i mean, sounds easy, right? and boy was i wrong. when you don’t dedicate enough time or energy into something, (as hard as it may seem) it won’t just generate out of thin air. SHOCKER, I KNOW. so here i am, ranting about not doing something that i am perfectly capable of doing. i just have to commit and make time for the things i enjoy.

so here i am, feeling like it’s a ‘wordpress new year’. so, happy new year, folks. and as they say… new year, new blogger. with this ‘new year’, i’m going to make a few resolutions. there’s really nothing like airing all your resolutions out in the open for everyone to know because, guaranteed at least one person will ask you about them.

-make a space that’s mine to work in. i want it to feel light and airy, and full of inspiration. here are a few pinterest inspiration desks: this one originally found here. love the natural light from this one, originally found here. i’m obsessed with a crisp white peg board wall like this one, originally found here.

-be more intentional with my posts. start planning for them more – plan topics, plan outfit shoots, plan cocktail making [twist my arm…]. finding a ton of help and motivation from these bad a** babes.

-take better photos and tailor my instagram towards one “vibe” instead of hundreds. you all know what i’m talking about… can’t have ‘light and airy’ but also ‘dark and gloomy’ AND ‘bright and full of color’ in one. it’s like multiple personalities. and i currently have about 5. and i’m working on it, okay?

alright, i’m going to start there. because i could totally keep throwing out resolutions but i need something small and attainable to start with. so with those, i’m going to leave you. i’ll see you in the new year. 😀IMG_0598



happy wednesday readers – you’re officially halfway to the weekend, congrats!

nothing super new or exciting going on in my world.

just a few updates here and there…

1. i’m moving! can’t wait! although i love love LOVE the house i’m in, i’m really looking forward to moving in with tiffany and juergen. we’ve decided to take the plunge and move into a 2 bedroom house here in burlington. close enough to walk everywhere still, and i get to live with my other half! not sure how much juergen will like it…. 🙂

here are my top 3 “pinspiration” pics (ha! get it?)

i’ll take this bed. please and thank you.


we have an awesome backyard but i think we need these.


i mean…. come on.


now if only i had the budget, the time, and the dedication to make our new house look like these pics…

2. i’m actually in the market  for a new bed frame. if someone tells me where to get the one from above, i’ll love you forever.

i’ve been looking at a few, i just can’t decide what one to get and if it’s worth it or not. again – i’d need to win the lottery to buy anything super fancy but am definitely not opposed to saving towards one that i’m in love with.

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

3. and on to my final matter of business. as you all know i’ve been wanting to dye my hair for who knows how long. FAR too long. and i’m just too big of a chicken to do it. but now that the seasons are changing and the sun is out and about, i’m getting a tad braver.

this is my dream hair. but i know that only emma can pull of amazing-ness such as that.

so i’m resorting to this being my dream hair.


now please. help a sister out. and just give me some feedback.


saturday night randoms.

i have a cat allergy. a severe cat allergy. 

and hey, guess what?! 

my roommate’s boyfriend bought her a kitten.

it’s a cute one, but it’s been rather difficult to get used to. 

any pointers from other cat allergy sufferers would be greatly appreciated. 😀


in other news i really want these

but i can’t decide what color to choose. i’m diggin all of em, actually, but i think i’d have to say my favorites are the mango & grey. 



i also have been thinking of getting myself a new haircut. 

i work with someone who has the cutest short haircut. ever. 

every time i see someone with short hair, i get inspired. 


i cut it. and then realize why i don’t like short hair. because it takes WAY more effort than it seems. 

so now i’m asking for more advice/tricks of the trade/secret weapons any of you have for styling short hair. 



somewhat of a short & totally cluster of a post this evening. 

but i’m leaving you all with 3 of my favorite phrases.

all found from pinterest, of course.







happy weekend, love birds

monday cheer.

 i woke up on this “i’m supposed to have a great day off monday”  to about 4 different NYTimes updates about this horrific shooting at the DC Navy Yard. the world is seriously a depressing place. go give your loved ones a hug and kiss. call your grandparents. reach out to long lost friends. let them know you care. 


i needed to turn the “mojo” of my day around quick. 

step one: coffee.

step two: blankets.

step three: a good book. 

done, done & done. 

step four: hang out with the kid president

i wish i knew how to put a video in here. but i’m blog-naive and i don’t know how. so instead i’ll just put the link in. if you haven’t watched this video you must. 

if you HAVE watched it, i don’t care. watch it again. 

this kid is a genius.


because my roommate and i both have the day off, we’ve decided to not get off the couch (there is a plan to move, however it just hasn’t happened yet……) 

so we’re watching the bethenny show. which i’ve never seen before and i’m in LOVE. maybe i’m more in love with her. that woman is funny. and not afraid to say what’s on her mind. that, i love. if you also by chance don’t work on a weekday around 12 and have nothing better to do with your life, turn her on. you won’t be disappointed. 


oh, how about those broncos? 😀 

love me some denver. and this print of denver. i actually “pinned” it on pinterest the other day and a great friend ended up texting me saying that she owned it and has yet to hang it up and would send it to me! i’m so excited. love you, annie !



i do believe a great big congratulations are in order to the one and only nathan andrew. 

new job. correction new bad-a** job. congrats, my friend. you deserve it. 


happy monday readers. have an absolutely beautiful day.