labor(ing) around vt.

happy belated labor day – a holiday for most that means three day weekends, sun, friends, family and lots of fun.

hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! i know i did!

i was supposed to work all weekend, but i actually ended up trading a day last week in order to get sunday off. so saturday after work i made the trek down to barre, to thunder road! in case you don’t know what thunder road is… please check it out here before you make the bold decision to attend. 🙂

one of my co-workers husbands races and when i told her i’d never been she was determined to get me down there. saturday night was spent playing redneck horseshoes, kan jam and corn hole, all while holding a bud light in one hand.  then we “camped” (somehow i don’t consider sleeping in an RV camping, sorry lace.) we woke up on sunday at the crack of dawn to head to the pits. i can’t really explain it from here, i just will say you have to go see it for yourself. i’m so happy i went, it was actually super fun!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1

we wrapped up the weekend watching the final lake monster game of the whole season! it was hot and humid. so instead of sitting in our “assigned seats” we decided to be a bit rebellious and steal others which were conveniently located in the shade. 🙂 oops.

photo 5between laughing at things tiffany was doing, drinking, eating friend dough and watching the game, we pulled out this artsy pic. side note – see that amazing little phone case there?! i’m in love. found it at rifle paper co. go check em out, you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you all enjoyed the “last weekend of the summer” – go out and have fun in the warm weather while it lasts!


holiday cheer

so as i told everyone the other day, i’m out of work for a WEEK. which at first i was distraught about for a variety of reasons…

1. wow, what am i going to do for a week?

2. wait, a week?!

3. i can only imagine how measly my paycheck will be.

4. ugh, a week.

so i then decided to take matters into my own hands…

yesterday i showed up at work and asked to come back. some people were all for it and then my nurse manager had to veto the idea. which i understand seeing as that the ophthalmologist “highly recommends” i don’t return for a week.

THEN i called the ophthalmologist’s office to speak with the doctor to see if she, for some miraculous reason, had changed her mind. she didn’t.

so then i called my older sister, tiffany.

while i was wallowing in self-pity and complaining about life tiffany made me snap out of it by reminding me of a few things.

1. when you DO work, you complain about not having enough time to do things for yourself.

2. when you ARE doing things for yourself you feel guilty & say you should be doing something more productive.

3. although it may suck to not be working, take this time to actually do things you want to do. watch some movies you never see, decorate your house, take a nap, make some cookies…

and then it all clicked-at this point in my life she definitely was playing the “older and wiser” sister.

after her little pep-talk i realized she was right, but don’t let that go to your head, tiffany… yes, it sucks not to be working but at least i have a job! and an amazing family & awesome friends. and great roommates with a cute little house.

so today i’ve decided to really get into the christmas spirit & take some time for me.

i woke up and read my “photography for beginners” book. i’ve owned a nikon t3i for a few years but i’ve yet to feel like i really know how to use it. so i’m taking matters into my own hands.

i’m currently watching the family stone which happens to be one of my all time favorite holiday films. highly recommend it.

i also plan on doing a bit of holiday baking – who doesn’t love santa shaped sugar cookies?

don’t forget the holiday candles. a new favorite is this one from target! smells exactly like a christmas tree, and the pretty jar it comes in just makes me love it more.

that was an extremely long and wordy post for a short message.

be thankful.

be thankful for what you have and with the people you surround yourself with. life doesn’t always happen the way you expect or want it to. yet, it’s times of adversity that make us who we are.

go tell someone today that you’re thankful for them. and go do something for yourself today. and enjoy it.

snowwishing burlington was getting some of the winter wonderland that was happening in other parts of the county.

stay safe everyone!

(something brilliant)

co-nun-drum : noun; a confusing or difficult problem 

i have a serious conundrum. and it involves money. lots of money. the simple solution to my problem is just to make millions or happen to find millions. but neither of those solutions are feasible. long story short is i’m getting new skis (ahhhhh, so excited!) however i want to ski on them regularly.

yet, a season pass is both an arm AND leg that i’d like to keep. and instead of being grateful and thankful for everything i have, everything i’ve been gifted/given, or everything i’ve worked for i somehow need more. that is pathetic. 

i digress…… 


i’m sitting here in new moon enjoying my, i’ve been sitting here too long slightly cold, coffee and it’s starting to snow. and i can’t contain my excitement. i love everything about snow and things getting colder. it means the seasons are changing. which means the holidays are coming. and every year i think i’ll grow up a bit more and be less excited about the holidays – hasn’t happened. and i don’t think it ever will. BOOYA. 

a few reasons why this time of year is the absolute best:

1. christmas music. need i say more? 

confession: it’s taking everything inside of me to NOT start playing it. i’ve almost caved. multiple times.

2. cold weather. aka: scarf, winter coat, winter boots, hat & mittens kind of weather. 

3. family, friends & good food gatherings. 

this year, however; will be a bit different than the rest. i have to work both thanksgiving AND christmas day. therefore, i won’t be making the trip back to my parents house in colorado. which will be extremely weird and foreign to me. and when the time comes, i believe a bit sad. 

4. more cold weather. weather cold enough to light a fire and cuddle under a blanket. sounds about right. too bad we don’t have a fireplace at our house. 

5. christmas lights. something about them twinkling at night, hopefully with snow falling on them, makes me the happiest person ever. when it’s appropriate to start decorating for the holidays i’ll probably make our house look like st. nick threw up inside. but tastefully, obviously. if only i had a dog to take a picture like this: 



seriously though, how cute is that. 


 a few weeks back, i got my haircut. and i told you lovies that i’d let you know how i liked the place, the cut, the do’, etc… and let me just start out by telling you this little story: 

i have this friend, gretchen, who has the best closet ever. like of all time. if i could die and go to heaven, i’d end up in her closet. she finds the best clothes & accessories. a day does not go by without me asking where she got something or other. or asking to borrow it. 🙂 one day, we were talking and she says, “i’ve started this new thing that i think you’ll like… i realize i have too many clothes so i will only buy things that take my wardrobe to the next level.” 


so, back to my haircut… i’m telling justin cruz, of salon cruz, what i’m trying to accomplish with the cut, how i like to style (or not style it), and how much time i’ll honestly spend on it. so he starts chopping away and then he says that he’s going to dry it and finish the cut dry. so here i am, this 23 year old girl getting her hair blown out by not one, but two people. i can’t really explain this feeling besides saying i felt pretty damn cool. and famous. 

so he dries it and says to the girl he’s training, “this would be a good cut, a cute cut but what i’m going to do now is take this cut to the next level.” like SERIOUSLY!? 

i died. and then woke back up even MORE in love with this guy. how weird is that. and awesome. maybe i’m reading too much into something but i’m all about it. 🙂 so he worked his magic and took my cut to the next level. 

here is a slightly awkward picture of me at lunch right after the cut:



clearly, i think the world of this guy. and would highly recommend getting your hair cut there. i’m sure anyone who works there does wonders. 


i leave you all with this quote by teddy roosevelt, “do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” 

i think that quote is more for me today than it is for you. 🙂 happy tuesday, lovers. 

did you miss me?

i’m baaaaaaaaack. and i’m sure you’re ALL happy to hear i survived finals. whew! thanks for understanding everyone, it’s been a wild few weeks!

but i’m back in colorado and LOVING it! i always love coming home, especially when it’s the holiday season. i’ve been blasting christmas music daily – my family might be getting annoyed with it. oops, oh well! it snowed here today which made it feel even more like christmas!!

here is what i’ve been up to since we last chatted…

thanksgiving break was amazing. i spent my time hanging with friends and family and definitely ate and drank way too much. i’ll consider it a success. we spent the actual holiday in blue river, co with great family friends. they’re always quick to give up their spare bedrooms to us. we love you, bob and betsy!

golden, co
golden, co
golden, co

we went to golden to do some sightseeing and a little xmas shopping.

lila & hudson - the two cutest westies out there.
lila & hudson – the two cutest westies out there – bob & betsy’s children.
fanny & i
fanny & i
tiffany & her man friend + whiskey
tiffany & her man friend + whiskey

IMG_1891i couldn’t be more blessed to have celebrated thanksgiving holiday with the people i did – wish dad could’ve been there! thankfully he’ll be home for christmas!

after thanksgiving, dj and i went to lake placid to celebrate his birthday (yes, a few months late but i think it was worth it!) and we stayed here. such an amazing hotel and it was the perfect weekend to jump start final hell! here’s a pic of the view from our room.

mirror lake inn
mirror lake inn

before i left burlington, i was spending a ton of time with sylvie and uma. uma and i were busy making snowflakes and other holiday decor that she plastered all over the walls. it looked like christmas threw up all over their house when i left town. 😀

sylvie & i before i left.

amidst all the work and work, i was still able to hit the town and kick back a bit. perhaps i indulged a bit too much the night before i flew home. :/


burlington, vt

burlington, vt

happy holidays from (a very deserted) church street!


labor day weekend

wrapping up my long weekend finishing a psych journal that i procrastinated doing… obviously school is back in session. finding that my old websites and blogs look even better now that i should be doing something else. 🙂 oops. i suppose it’s not due until 12:00 tomorrow, think i can push it back any further?
it was a warm one here in burlington this weekend! still felt like summer, and i wish i could’ve spent some of my weekend soaking up the sun. i had to work sunday and monday (blah). i did go to the BEST concert ever, jason aldean and luke bryan at the fairground saturday night, SO GOOD! not sure if you’re a country fan but even if you aren’t, what guy doesn’t look good playing a guitar and singing to you? let’s be real. i wish i had good pictures that weren’t from the jumbo screen… but, i don’t. when luke played this song, i think i died and went to heaven.

ashley and i did some garage sale-ing saturday morning and then went to the farmers market. for those of you who’ve been to it, you’ll understand when i say it’s the best. full of local food vendors, local floral shops, good eats, and the random trinket. needless to say, there’s something for everyone. we both bought some flowers to fill our apartment.

thennnnnn, as if i needed another pair of boots, i bought these. 😀 😀 😀 😀 they were on sale at a store in burlington and i just couldn’t say no. i mean, you can’t blame me. those NEVER go on sale. as if i wasn’t already for fall… now i have one more reason to be excited!

i suppose i should get back to writing this journal. for those of you nursing majors/healthcare majors, i hope you find this website as funny as i do. some literally bring me to tears. enjoy what’s left of your labor day weekend!