the guy gift guide

whoaaaaaa, it’s december! happy holidays, peeps! as promised, the other half of the gift guide. hopefully this will spark some inspiration for all the guys you may be shopping for this year.

this vest from patagonia is one that will surely be worn 100 different ways. it’s perfect under a ski coat for extra warmth, over a flannel during the changing fall seasons, and even looks classy over a dress shirt with slacks. i promise you there is nothing about this vest that your guy won’t like. my dad wears his all the time – including while visiting me at the hospital!IMG_1810

please try to find one person who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. half the time it’s just the ritual that people love, but, let’s be real, 90% of the time everyone needs a caffeinated pick-me-up. these mugs are the ultimate best – they keep your drink cold for almost 24 hours but will also keep it hot for almost 12! get him one of these mugs with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and they’ll be thinking about you all day long.Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.04.53 AM.png

there’s nothing worse than a pocket full of keys on one keyring that doesn’t fit nicely in a pocket. [luckily for women, we get the choice to throw said keys in a huge*ss bag]. most of the guys i know have keys to their house, their car, and then sometimes to an office, and maybe even a mailbox. needless to say, it’s a lot of keys that get in the way. this little gadget is the solution to the problem. what i especially love, is that it can be customized to the exact number of keys that you own. it’s sleek and will fit in any pocket they decide to throw it in. Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.30.07 AM.png

i stumbled upon these [what look like] amazingly comfortable sweats from jcrew and i can’t help but want them for myself. there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and being able to unwind in something comfortable. the best part about these is that they’re a fine line of comfort and style – if he has to leave the house in them, he won’t look like the schmuck wearing his favorite sweats outside. 😀Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.38.46 AM.png

i hope you get a bit of holiday shopping inspiration from these ideas – if you have any others, please send them along!


t-5 days.

t-5 days.

christmas is sneaking up on us very quickly and it will seriously be here before we know it! this past weekend i had to work, but i was still able to sneak in a little holiday baking. luckily, i’m done with all my shopping after i made a few last minute purchases on chuch street this afternoon.

hard to beat church street with all the lights and we happened to catch the tail end of a sunset tonight too.0EEDDCD0-0647-4F00-921C-2E055C03108D.jpg

this year i went to a cookie party (and yes, cookie parties are a thing. i had actually never been to one, but it was a great excuse to have a couple cocktails, socialize, and feel just a litte bit more festive) i decided to make a couple different kinds of cookies but this recipe was definitely my favorite. especially with this royal icing recipe.

[about royal icing – yes it’s kind of weird that you use raw eggs, but it is seriously the best. i will most definitely not be using any old frosting from now on… i did get myself a little piping kit and a squeeze bottle which were both super helpful. i opted to use a butter knife in place of a spatula.]

the cookies are fool proof and the icing really is too. it definitely made us feel like we’re professional bakers.

we also made spritz cookies which essentially are butter, sugar, a tiny bit of flour, more butter, and sprinkles. no wonder i would always sneak them as a child….

with our tree up, lights turned on, and christmas cookies finished, it most certainly feels like the holidays around here. just missing my parents who fly in friday!!

my sister sent me a link she found on a cup of jo and directed me towards the comments section where everyone is talking about their christmas traditions. i’ll be reading that all night. with wine. and frank sinatra holiday tunes.

what are your favorite traditions? 6baf6b58-25b7-4956-9592-d770baf156bc

the gal gift guide

today i’m going to share some gift ideas for all your best gals out there. from girlfriends, to your mom, to a great co-worker there is definitely something on this list for everyone, happy shopping!

first thing on the list this year is this gigi new york uber clutch.

what i love about it is that it’s a perfect clutch to take to dinner or a night out on the town with your girls. it also fits nicely into a bigger bag for travel and you’ll keep it close because it holds all your necessities. it can be such a statement piece – especially if you buy it in one of their haircalf styles.


this maya brenner initial necklace will surely make your gal smile. it’s simple and dainty but elegant at the same time. it comes in three different colors: gold, rose gold and silver and there’s the option to add more than one initial! it’s been on my list for quite some time.


i was recently at mirror mirror in vermont (a local makeup  store) and fell upon this candle. it is the ultimate best holiday candle. it smells like a freshly cut christmas tree. plus it comes in a pretty jar that can be reused when the candle is out! screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-2-18-48-pm

i stumbled up on these cool planters when i was exploring etsy the other day. they’d look great on your dresser or your desk. honestly they’d even look cool without a cactus in them, and a collection of a few would be awesome during halloween.


one of my all time best friends, madeline, owns RoseAndRoyce – a small shop based out of denver. she started RoseAndRoyce a while ago as a creative outlet and over the past couple of years her shop has exploded.

any one of her amazing skulls or a sweet pair of shoes would surely be a gift to remember. she sells via etsy and a bunch of local flea markets in colorado.

be sure to check out my guy gift guide if you missed it!

the guy gift guide

happy sunday!

hope everyone is enjoying their weekend – working, not working, relaxing, not relaxing – hope it’s treating you right.

dedicating this post for all those pesky guys that are nearly impossible to shop for. we all know who they are; and typically, they know who they are too. i am always extremely grateful for all the last minute advice i’ve gotten throughout my years – figured it’s time to pay it forward a bit…

feast your eyes on this years holiday gift guide:

this swanky stacked decanter set. please try and tell me one guy who doesn’t enjoy a glass of whiskey every now and then. i just love how sleek it is; it would be a great addition to the bar cabinet. or even out on display on the bar cart!


and if you’re feeling extra generous, buy him a bottle of whiskey to go with it. and maybe even some whiskey stones.

these nike sneakers. a touch of old school and a touch of suede make these swoon worthy. if they made a size small enough for my feet you might even find me wearing them…


this filson twill duffel bag. it is (not so) secretly one of the items i’m lusting over. although it is very expensive it’ll be something he has for ages. it’s masculine, super sturdy with it’s water repellent twill, and it’s a perfect excuse to plan a vacation! this duffel is a classic and he’ll be reaching for it over and over.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 11.07.50 PM.png

this opinel pocket knife. i love the simplicity of this knife. it’s a classic that he can throw into his pocket, stash in his work bag, or toss into the cup holder of his car. again, another item i’d love. i’ve seen it in person and it’s even better than imagined.


and lastly on this years gift guide is this timex watch. timex was the brand that i saw my grandpa wearing when i was growing up and let me say that they’ve come a long way since the 90’s. timeless (ha, get it?), versatile, and seriously sharp looking watch. and better yet? it’s currently on sale with an extra 15% off. bonus!

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 11.06.33 PM.png

happy shopping! your guy will certainly love any of these items – who wouldn’t?!

fallin’ around bvt

fall has come and not gone.

it has NOT cooled off here, and it most definitely does NOT feel like christmas is only 25 days away.

[insert buddy the elf – youtube screaming here]

 we have had the random few flurries. and that is it. i’m severely disappointed in mother nature these days……

please, please PLEASE do your best snow dance. even if it’s just for a hot second. if you play any of adele’s new songs, you’ll want to dance for longer than one second. OR if you listen to this 4 minute mashup of ALL of her songs on the 25 album. this guy can sing.

 bates, ian’s cousin, got married. it was in his parent’s backyard in burlington. not a shabby place to spend an evening. the weather was amazing, the food was good, but the people were the best there ever was. IMG_1079


one of my best friends from college, natalie, and her boyfriend, jimmy, came to town. we had a housewarming party in october and they made the trek down. lots of food, plenty of booze and some late night dancing made the party a success.

we’re already planning the next one. 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
this girl. ❤

the weekend after our housewarming party, tiffany and i flew to superior, wisconsin to meet our parents, and hang with our grandma for a long weekend. we spent the weekend getting our hands dirty outside. we helped get her GINORMOUS garden ready for the winter.

when my grandpa was still alive, the two of them, with the help of my aunt, used to do it all. let’s just say, the 5 of us worked for at least 4 hours 3 days straight – i don’t know how the three of them handled it all before!!


before we knew it, halloween was just a few days away. don’t get me wrong, i love halloween. what i don’t like about it, is the madness that occurs a few days before, trying to figure out what to be. this happens literally every year and i tell myself (as soon as halloween weekend is over), “okay, next year, i’ll definitely plan ahead. i mean, look at all these great ideas i have now!”

this year, i was thinking troll doll. you know, the little naked creatures with crazy colored hair. easy, right?? well then i was out looking for a wig. instead, i found this amazingly awesome (and i mean amazing) super tall bright pink afro. i couldn’t not.

so then i changed things up a bit.

night one – disco queen:


night two – candy land (was originally just going to be a gumball machine, but i couldn’t not wear the wig again so i altered it a bit):


it was another year for the books. couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. i’m already planning my costumes for next year. 😀

a few weekends later, tiffany, took me to NYC (for the first time ever).

best birthday surprise ever!

it was UNREAL.

literally the best trip. we left early friday morning, and flew back late sunday night. we did a ton of research prior to leaving so we knew all the hot spots.

[okay, she did the research, and thank god for that girl!!! the trip would’ve been a failure without her.]

we were too busy having fun that we couldn’t take more than 2 blog worthy pictures.

where we dined:

seamore’s – amazing little seafood place. it was totally happenin’. i wish i lived closer. it would definitely be my go-to. would be so fun to go with a huge group! they’ve got great large tables just for that! definitely a louder environment – tell dad to wear his hearing aids! (;

the meatball shop – ironically owned by the same guy who owns seamore’s. let’s just say, this guy knows how to do it. too bad they don’t deliver to burlington….. the concept is meatballs. it’s the way they are prepared and served that make it amazing. great casual ambience for the whole family. OR for a hot first date.

jacks’ wife freda  – this was our first stop once we got off the plane. being a newbie to the city, i was ready to be massively overwhelmed but this joint was a great segway into the big apple. small little space, with super friendly staff!

bouchon bakery – we went to bouchon right outside of central park one afternoon. our older sister, meagan, used to work for thomas keller, so we had to give it a try. AMAZING food. and the baked goods – to.die.for. next time, i might just have to eat from the bakery.

where we slept:

the jane hotel – in the west village and it was perfect! such a cute place, with a great concept! bunk style rooms with a shared bathroom.

i know what you’re thinking – “weird, shared bathroom, no thanks.” but hear me out. it was good! there were 4 showers, 4 sinks, and 4 toilets on each floor. when you walked into the bathroom the sinks were straight ahead, the toilets to the right and showers to the left. the floor to ceiling doors to both the shower and toilet made it feel a bit more private. we never had to wait to shower OR use the bathroom. just trust me on this one.

where we drank:


and then we shopped:


it was such a great weekend. we were talking about going back next year, but we’ll wait until after thanksgiving when the tree is up in central park. a little kick off to the christmas season!

i spent this thanksgiving working, again and it was surprisingly busy this year. typically, it can be slower and we’re overstaffed but not this year!

i woke up, and read this article. in a vulnerable moment, it will make you tear up. it put a different kind of spin on walking into work thanksgiving morning.

me, jamie and lacey in our thanksgiving best.

how ’bout that bronco game sunday?!

holiday hangover

you feelin’ me?

i feel like 95% of the female population knows what i’m talking about.

the phrase should be in urban dictionary – ‘holiday hangover’

i spent the holidays indulging in every possible food and drink opportunity that presented itself.

chocolate? ok.

christmas cookies? yes please.

whiskey? what a great drink to wash down the chocolate.

eating out? every possible restaurant in burlington.

wine? sure why not, i’ll call it dessert.

i couldn’t stop eating. couldn’t say no. to anything. i think you get the gist…

i party hopped. lots and lots of christmas parties. some with co-workers, some with best friends, and some with new amazing friends!

the martinis were dangerous.

the annual ugly sweater party. i found my sweater 2 hours in advance at kmart. cringe. i didn’t even know this woman – but how great is that?!

amanda and i ventured out into the cold, to drink at an amazing new wine bar in winooski.

my parents, who still reside in colorado, flew out for a few days during the actual christmas holiday. i worked both christmas eve and christmas but had a few days off afterwards. it was amazing to see them. we didn’t have any huge plans – i think everyone just enjoyed relaxing. i think it was a bit overdue for everyone involved.

my parents and sister visited me at work on christmas day. unfortunately (and fortunately) healthcare is a profession that never sleeps.
tiffany and i paid a visit to santa – we obviously had to tell him what we wanted for christmas.

santa brought my mom an iPhone 6 for christmas. lessons from yours truly included. santa also brought my dad lessons on how to use snapchat from yours truly. let’s just say he might be in my “top friends”

we had to actually document his first snap ever. i’d say he’s a quick learner. OR he got amazing lessons. probably the latter…FullSizeRender_1

once my parents left, things died down. kinda. and kinda not at the same time. i also was in such a sugar high i lost all track of time and before i knew it, new years was here!

we spent the night at arts riot grooving to kat wright and the indomitable soul band.

if you ever have a chance to go see her, go. best money ever spent. she puts on a damn good show.

i don’t think there is a single picture documented from that night – sad – but oh well! maybe that’s a sign that we were having just too much fun.

disclaimer – i also just spent about 25 minutes mid blog post to look for pics. i can’t find any! can’t say i didn’t try!

so i guess there’s this thing called, ‘juno’ that has really torn up the northeast. 😉

kidding, kidding. we got hit with juno. not too badly, but we got about 6 or so inches of snow. crazy winds. and super cold temps. like cold where you want to curl up and do nothing in your house while all your friends are out and about and being social.

i do find it funny that NYC was supposed to really get the brunt of it, and they barely got any snow! hey, i guess they were prepared for the worst case scenario. we were told that burlington would only get an inch or so…. let’s just say people were most definitely NOT prepared here. it took me about 45 minutes to drive 4 miles yesterday.


meteorologist – the one job in america where you can be constantly wrong and continue to have a job.

(sorry if you’re a meteorologist) 😀

i hope everyone had an amazing holiday season! hopefully you’re not suffering as badly as i am with your holiday hangover.


so many things to be thankful for this holiday season….

one of which most certainly does NOT include the SCREAMING child in starbucks right now. he’s about 3-4 and found a wire basket to play with.

(side note – the wire basket was filled with bags of coffee for sale. he has since dumped the coffee bags on the floor.)

he’s now dragging it across the entire coffee shop. screaming. meanwhile, m&d (or the ‘responsible adults’ are sitting, both on their cell phones. not paying any attention to him).

i think watching kids like that may be the absolute best birth control ever.


don’t get me wrong – i’m all about children. i mean i want to work in a children’s hospital. but come on, people. don’t have children if you can’t care for them properly. OR don’t take them out unless you are prepared to entertain them. perhaps i sound like a stuck up starbucks patron right now, but there is a time and a place for misbehaved kids (i mean they can’t ALL be as perfectly behaved as i was…..) but i don’t think starbucks is one of them.

i digress…..

on to bigger and brighter things.


holy moley am i pumped or what. i’m totally that person to listen to christmas music the second halloween is over.

[yes, you read correctly. i said halloween.]

BUT i do it in secret. i only subject everyone else to listen to it 24×7 starting on thanksgiving.

i’ve always been a huge fan of the holidays but i think i’ve come to appreciate the season even more now that i work in an industry that never sleeps. the sick never sleep. unfortunately (and fortunately) there will always be a need for nurses.

this season, i’ve already worked thanksgiving. i’ll also be working an 8 hour evening on christmas eve, and a 12 hour day shift christmas day. my parents are visiting again for christmas and i’m really looking forward to seeing them!

not being able to fly to colorado to spend the holidays with my family and friends there has definitely been an adjustment. last year was really hard (seeing as that it was the first year away from home for the season) so this year is a bit easier – only because i’ve had practice. 🙂

gosh, i’m making it sound as if it’s the worst thing in the world to live here. but it’s not. i actually love burlington. and all my friends here. and my baird 6 work family.

all it takes is one busy/stressful/not so great day at work to really put things in perspective.

my life is pretty awesome. i shouldn’t ever complain about the little things because someone else will always be having a worse day than i am – example : the screaming little kid i was just bitching about.

be thankful this holiday season. never take the little things for granted because once they’re gone, you’ll miss them.


i’m going to leave you all with an amazing article that one of my previous nursing instructors at UVM wrote. fletcher allen health care just made a multi-million dollar name change to the university of vermont medical center. (talk about a mouthful!)

but she provides a very valid point. check it out. and let me know what you think.

burlington free press ‘nurses essential to delivery of health care’