three worthy things

coming at you from the comfort of my parent’s house in denver where it’s cold, snowy and i have a full cup of coffee –  i’m certainly not moving anywhere quickly.

last week i wrote about the trouble of taking care of your skin while flying. one of the biggest takeaways was the importance of a physical sunscreen. i mentioned wanting to try this specific product – and well, sephora was one of my first stops on this trip. the cream is supposed to help smooth out any sort of redness, acne and/or blemishes. it also brags about protecting against UV light and environmental pollution.

i’ve used it every day this week and i’m obsessed. to be honest, i’ve always been self conscious of my skin – i’ve used multiple products to even out my hyper-pigmentation or new blemish [yes, i’m 28 and still get acne. eye roll.] but with the addition of this product, i can honestly eliminate most of the others i had been using. it smooths out my skin without looking fake and makes my morning routine much easier. one thing i’m still learning is the appropriate amount of moisturizer to put on before – my skin is adjusting to the dry climate in denver and it needs a bit more lovin’.

head to sephora and get yourself some of this. ask for a sample which they will happily give you or if you’re ready to jump aboard it comes in two different sizes. let me know your thoughts!

i’ve found some really amazing prints and artwork as of recently. i’m looking for some new artwork for my living room – haven’t figured out what one [or ones] will be the winners. votes?

never half-ass two things
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last and final “thing” this week is going to be some of the amazing people i’ve had the opportunity to spend time with this week. grateful for the relationships i have with all of them. ❤ IMG_2364.jpg

madeline, kirby, allie & i at jax 
adi&dad - breck.jpg
bluebird day with my dad
nate&maria - breck.jpg
nate & maria at the canteen
adi-maria-nate - ski hill.jpg
snowiest day on the mountain
alex-tiffany-adi - breck
alex, tiffany & i at the canteen
adi&allie - jax bar
allie & i at jax restaurant

happy saturday!



how to prepare for a job interview

happy friday, everyone!

today i’m going to delve into the terrifying unknown of job interviews.

i recently interviewed for a new position  – it was only the second ‘real world’ job interview i’d ever had and i was terrified! i’d already had to completely re-do my resume and re-vamp my cover letter and then came time to prepare for the actual day.

prepare for the questions

this was actually the hardest part of the whole process for me. it required lots of time and energy (thanks, family for your assistance!) and i knew it was going to be the most important part. i started with my good ol’ friend, google. i honestly googled, “surgical ICU nurse interview questions” and boy did google come in big! there were plenty of sites that had helpful questions and tips. from these multiple sites i  generated a list of 15 or so questions that i wanted to be prepared for. after i found them, i turned back to the job posting to look at some of the adjectives that were used in the initial posting. once i knew what those were, i tailored my answers to use some of the same adjectives and phrases that the job posting had. instead of just reading through these things online, i had the questions written down along with some of the phrases and adjectives i wanted to focus on. and then i practiced. my parents, tiffany and ian were all rattling off questions for the 24 hours prior to. needless to say, they could probably interview to be a SICU nurse now. 😀

don’t forget to plan a question or two for the interviewers at the end! mine were about potential orientation and patient loads on the unit….

figure out the day of outfit

this was a little difficult for me because as a current RN i have one work outfit – scrubs. i don’t have to dress up or worry about what i’m wearing on a ‘casual friday’. lucky for me, it’s already picked out. i’ve got lots of dressy summer/fall clothes but finding an outfit in the dead of winter with a couple inches of snow on the ground was tough. i modeled a handful for tiffany and we decided that this one was our winner. it wasn’t stuffy, showed off some of my personality, kept me warm, and i wasn’t walking in with a summer dress on.


shoes from dolce vita [similar found here] // sweater from madewell [similar found here] // pants from jcrew [similar found here] // jacket from jcrew [it’s on sale today!] // sunnies from wyeth

 pack your bag

always bring a tote that you can slip  your resume into without getting wrinkled. sometimes you’ll know how many people are on the interview board, but sometimes you don’t. bring a couple of resumes that you can offer each interviewer. chances are, they won’t need it, but it makes you look prepared. don’t have too many things spilling out of your bag as you’ll look like a total nutcase when you go to pull out your resume but instead pull out your most recent W-2. clean that puppy out – even if you have to leave 90% of it sitting on your car seat while you’re inside – less is more in this case. this is the bag i chose to bring.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.48.45 AM.png

at the interview

one of the most important parts… just be yourself! an interview can seem so official and intimidating but honestly, the more yourself you can be, the better. the people interviewing you don’t want to sit and chat with someone who’s spitting off google phrases and adjectives that are memorized – they want to see your real personality; if you strive to have a conversation with them it’ll be much easier – on the both of you!!

a few last minute pointers…

be yourself.

be confident. [even if you’re not, take a deep breath and just pretend.]

be awesome.

and yes… i was offered a position in the surgical ICU starting late april, yay!