three worthy things

happy rainy thursday. it’s pouring here today. i’m hiding inside currently while i binge grace and frankie on netflix.

so i’ve been addicted to podcasts recently – i listen to them while working out because i find that they keep me more entertained than music does. if you’ve listened to serial you’ll be sure to loveup and vanished‘. what i love [and secretly hate] about this one is that because it’s a real time investigation i have to wait for the next week to listen to more and i’m REALLY not good at waiting.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.07.21 AM

stolen right from the website:

“‘up and vanished’ is an investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of georgia beauty queen and high school teacher, tara grinstead, an 11-year-old mystery that is the largest case file in georgia’s history. follow along as host payne lindsey, a documentarian turned amateur investigator, examines old case evidence, re-interviews persons of interest, and uncovers new leads, while guiding listeners through his real time investigation. a recent arrest in the case may have given us more questions than answer, and the main question still remains… what happened to tara grinstead?”

when i’m making cocktails at home, the first thing i reach for is this tovolo king cube tray. the ice cubes are the perfect size for every drink because they don’t melt too quickly and they just seem so chic. especially when you’re still a novice cocktail slinger. i actually have two sets…. because who doesn’t love a good party?Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.25.26 AM.png

i’ve thought about making some variations of ice cubes… found inspiration here.

the last in the series this week is highlighting these cute kids because i’m missing them a ton recently! we need to plan another trip to see them and PRONTO.IMG_0260.JPG elyse & tiffyfullsizeoutput_d27

perhaps we’ll make a stop at our favorite restaurant cook. and while we’re there i might as well swing by cuyana. been dying to check this out!


christmas celebrations

now that my computer has officially dried out and turned back on (in case you didn’t see the latest instagram post, i spilled coffee all over my computer christmas eve and it’s been drying ever since) i’m back! keep your fingers crossed that it continues to work…. PLEASE!

we spent this past weekend celebrating christmas and spending some serious quality time with friends and family. my parents flew in on friday and we haven’t stopped eating/drinking/galavanting around the town since. here is a small glimpse into the past couple of days…

first stop we made was one of my mom’s all time favorite restaurants, tiny thai, a small local favorite that’s BYOB it’s a seriously  hard to beat. and their takeout is a good as the dine in – which certainly isn’t always the case!

after dinner we headed back to my house to begin our christmas eve tradition – the annual book swap.

growing up, we were always allowed to open one gift on christmas eve and 9 times out of 10, it was ususally pajamas. now that we’ve grown up a bit [who am i kidding, we haven’t grown up] we’ve tailored our tradition a bit.

a couple weeks before the holiday we draw names and pick who we buy a book for; it can be hard cover, paper back, an audiobook, e-book, or even a magazine subscription. we’ve only been doing it a couple of years but it’s one of my favorite parts of christmas.

the next morning we did the full christmas thing – stockings, coffee, mimosas, more coffee, cinnamon rolls, and gifts. fullsizeoutput_10f5

pajamas and mimosas 

we relaxed most of the morning, went for a long walk, and prepared for some dinner guests that evening. tiffany definitely takes the cake for her cheese board skills. fullsizeoutput_1146

i had to work christmas day but luckily i was able to escape at 3:30 and head home for another night of dinner guests, drinks, and laughs.

spreading merry around the hospital

after plenty of cocktails and far too much food we busted out the game of things. it was the first time i played it and it was hysterical. keep the wine flowing and you’ll certainly have a blast. img_3233

this was the best we could do….


yesterday we worked out, made a couple of returns and went to manchester by the sea. it was amazing. be sure to bring some tissues and show up earlier anticipated – the ENTIRE theater was full.

it was a fabulous weekend spent with amazing people and 2017 is creeping around the corner, can’t wait to see what the future holds – cheers!

only the best place in the world

yes, you heard me correctly-the best place in the world. aka: northern california. i might be just a bit biased seeing as that 2/4 of the sister quad is there and my (almost) 3 year old niece and my 4 month old nephew.

my sister, jen, lives right outside the castro in corona heights. from there we travel back and forth to/from st helena to see my sister, meagan, her husband, jude, and the kids. this trip went by WAY too fast. it always flies by, but holy moley it was a whirlwind.

tiffany and i landed friday and headed right up to st helena. after an evening of wine with meagan and jude, we hit the hay. jude went to work the next morning while the rest of us drank coffee, played legos and changed diapers. we later met jude at cook [the restaurant/tavern he and meagan own in town – one of the best places. ever. oh, and they continue to win a place on the Bib Gourmand list.] i digress…. it’s amazing.



after brunch we sat and drank wine. from here – the view really is terrible.




saturday night we headed back to the city and went to the Sia concert. i’ve never been more obsessed. overall it was an amazing show. like knock your socks off kind of show. i’m still in shock. this is now my new favorite song and you can bet it’s been playing on repeat.


sunday we spent galavanting around the city with elyse.




if there’s anywhere you should travel in the near future – make it northern cali.

until next time, california. xo.

springin’ around

happy (official) spring folks.

i’ve been quite busy out here in burlington – mostly just enjoying the weather. and loving every minute of it-obviously. it’s been SO nice to have the sun out more. it makes even the colder days feel a bit more bearable.

here is what i’ve been doing to keep busy recently….

(and yes, i know that i’ve promised a lot of different posts recently – i swear – they’re coming)


my friend, jess, and i spent a day at the spa in stowe. a day FULL of relaxation. we woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and hit the road. after filling up the gas tank and grabbing coffee we were en route. we got there with enough time to unwind and relax a bit before our first service. we both had a massage and it was heavenly. there’s just something about a full body massage that cannot be rivaled by anything else. after the massage, we had a bit of time before our next treatment so we hung out in the sauna and the steam room. facials were up next and we finished the day relaxing with our books by the pool. after we were spa’d out, we grabbed a boozy lunch and made our way back to burlington.

it was a GREAT way to spend a random tuesday, we’re hoping to make a quarterly date.

post spa bliss.

we’ve been trying to get out and about as much as possible during the sunlight hours recently. lots of sunsets down at the lake, or watching from the williams fire escape at UVM. this shot was from one of the boat launches in burlington.


another sunny day we decided to bring a lunch and some booze out to charlotte. my (other) friend, jess, has a camp out there and although it wasn’t technically open for the season, we still lounged on the rocks for hours. the space is just unreal.


last weekend, my sister and i went to san francisco to spend time with our other two sisters. my niece is expecting a younger brother late june and her parents have both decided on a weekend with their friends/siblings before baby number 2 arrives.

L–>R: jen, tiffany, adison, meagan

this was meagan’s weekend. i don’t even really know what to say about the city except that it’s one of my all time favorite places to be in the entire world. we flew in late friday night and headed to right outside the castro where my sister, jen lives.

the view from the end of jen’s street.

saturday was spent brunching at foreign cinema [you cannot miss the homemade pop tarts], walking around the mission and through the haight, and drinking the afternoon away on our friend, wyatt’s roof.

sunday was spent at the banya archimedes spa. (it’s an experience – that’s for sure).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

monday we spent the morning FaceTiming with our dad, and drinking coffee. jen went to work, while meagan, tiffany and i headed to union square for a bit of shopping.


unfortunately, fun always has to come to an end so we flew out monday night on a red eye and landed in burlington on tuesday afternoon. the trip went by far too quickly, but it was another one for the books.

L–> R: tiffany, adison, meagan, jen

we’ll be back at the end of september to meet our new nephew, i’m so excited!

stay tuned for those promised posts…! 😀

rockin’ around the christmas tree

18 more nights until christmas!!

this weekend, we went out and picked up our tree.

growing up, we always had a fake one.

disclaimer: i hate fake trees. [sorry mom. and no, i didn’t hate my childhood and i still love christmas]. and here’s why: first, they don’t smell good. second, they don’t leave pine needles all over the place, and third they don’t smell good.

so, there will be no fake trees in the house i sleep in.

we went to whites tree farm in essex to pick up our beauty. it was a gorgeous drive, it was just cold enough that it felt festive. it was christmas tree heaven out there. hundreds of trees to pick from, sleds to drag it back to your car with and hot chocolate as soon as it’s loaded onto your car.




i secretly want a totally tacky tree for my bedroom. i mean, who doesn’t want a silver christmas tree loaded with glitter and streamers?!

i’m picturing something like this…. but full size!!

christmas tree - blog
amazing-ness found here via pinterest 

DIY kitchen chairs

happy (stupid raining, gloomy, cold) wednesday everyone.

it literally has NOT stopped raining since i posted last. 24 hours ago. yes. 24 hours of rain. and it is quite terrible. especially because it is chilly! if only it were a few degrees colder….

a while back, i had told you about the kitchen chairs i found on craigslist. let me just go on my rant about craigslist real quick…

i love it. and i hate it. for me, (who doesn’t have the innate creativity that others do) i always need a step by step tutorial of every project. literally every step. so, once i’ve figured out what project i want to accomplish [or destroy ] i can use craigslist to find the exact starting piece i need. and most times people are just trying to get rid of things, so they’re usually willing to negotiate with you on the price! 😀 bonus!

back to the DIY….

okay. so i wanted kitchen chairs. i wasn’t particular about the style, i knew i wanted something in generally decent condition, and i wanted to not break the bank. not too hard when you’re using craigslist.

once i found the chairs i wanted to use, i bought some spray paint, dusted those bad boys off and went to town! i read a ton of other blogs/DIYs about how to spray paint [told you i needed step by steps] and found a paint that lots of people recommended. some people would sand everything down and use a primer, but honestly, i just cleaned them off real good. i’m really happy with how they turned out!

chair #1 – $5 
spray paint of choice – maybe $4?
finished product! clearly still wet….

 i think i spent about $60 total for a few cans of spray paint and 8 chairs. tell me where you can buy 8 brand new chairs for less than that!

happy DIYing! be sure to let me know if you try something similar! or give me some new ideas! 😀

fallin’ around bvt

fall has come and not gone.

it has NOT cooled off here, and it most definitely does NOT feel like christmas is only 25 days away.

[insert buddy the elf – youtube screaming here]

 we have had the random few flurries. and that is it. i’m severely disappointed in mother nature these days……

please, please PLEASE do your best snow dance. even if it’s just for a hot second. if you play any of adele’s new songs, you’ll want to dance for longer than one second. OR if you listen to this 4 minute mashup of ALL of her songs on the 25 album. this guy can sing.

 bates, ian’s cousin, got married. it was in his parent’s backyard in burlington. not a shabby place to spend an evening. the weather was amazing, the food was good, but the people were the best there ever was. IMG_1079


one of my best friends from college, natalie, and her boyfriend, jimmy, came to town. we had a housewarming party in october and they made the trek down. lots of food, plenty of booze and some late night dancing made the party a success.

we’re already planning the next one. 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
this girl. ❤

the weekend after our housewarming party, tiffany and i flew to superior, wisconsin to meet our parents, and hang with our grandma for a long weekend. we spent the weekend getting our hands dirty outside. we helped get her GINORMOUS garden ready for the winter.

when my grandpa was still alive, the two of them, with the help of my aunt, used to do it all. let’s just say, the 5 of us worked for at least 4 hours 3 days straight – i don’t know how the three of them handled it all before!!


before we knew it, halloween was just a few days away. don’t get me wrong, i love halloween. what i don’t like about it, is the madness that occurs a few days before, trying to figure out what to be. this happens literally every year and i tell myself (as soon as halloween weekend is over), “okay, next year, i’ll definitely plan ahead. i mean, look at all these great ideas i have now!”

this year, i was thinking troll doll. you know, the little naked creatures with crazy colored hair. easy, right?? well then i was out looking for a wig. instead, i found this amazingly awesome (and i mean amazing) super tall bright pink afro. i couldn’t not.

so then i changed things up a bit.

night one – disco queen:


night two – candy land (was originally just going to be a gumball machine, but i couldn’t not wear the wig again so i altered it a bit):


it was another year for the books. couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. i’m already planning my costumes for next year. 😀

a few weekends later, tiffany, took me to NYC (for the first time ever).

best birthday surprise ever!

it was UNREAL.

literally the best trip. we left early friday morning, and flew back late sunday night. we did a ton of research prior to leaving so we knew all the hot spots.

[okay, she did the research, and thank god for that girl!!! the trip would’ve been a failure without her.]

we were too busy having fun that we couldn’t take more than 2 blog worthy pictures.

where we dined:

seamore’s – amazing little seafood place. it was totally happenin’. i wish i lived closer. it would definitely be my go-to. would be so fun to go with a huge group! they’ve got great large tables just for that! definitely a louder environment – tell dad to wear his hearing aids! (;

the meatball shop – ironically owned by the same guy who owns seamore’s. let’s just say, this guy knows how to do it. too bad they don’t deliver to burlington….. the concept is meatballs. it’s the way they are prepared and served that make it amazing. great casual ambience for the whole family. OR for a hot first date.

jacks’ wife freda  – this was our first stop once we got off the plane. being a newbie to the city, i was ready to be massively overwhelmed but this joint was a great segway into the big apple. small little space, with super friendly staff!

bouchon bakery – we went to bouchon right outside of central park one afternoon. our older sister, meagan, used to work for thomas keller, so we had to give it a try. AMAZING food. and the baked goods – to.die.for. next time, i might just have to eat from the bakery.

where we slept:

the jane hotel – in the west village and it was perfect! such a cute place, with a great concept! bunk style rooms with a shared bathroom.

i know what you’re thinking – “weird, shared bathroom, no thanks.” but hear me out. it was good! there were 4 showers, 4 sinks, and 4 toilets on each floor. when you walked into the bathroom the sinks were straight ahead, the toilets to the right and showers to the left. the floor to ceiling doors to both the shower and toilet made it feel a bit more private. we never had to wait to shower OR use the bathroom. just trust me on this one.

where we drank:


and then we shopped:


it was such a great weekend. we were talking about going back next year, but we’ll wait until after thanksgiving when the tree is up in central park. a little kick off to the christmas season!

i spent this thanksgiving working, again and it was surprisingly busy this year. typically, it can be slower and we’re overstaffed but not this year!

i woke up, and read this article. in a vulnerable moment, it will make you tear up. it put a different kind of spin on walking into work thanksgiving morning.

me, jamie and lacey in our thanksgiving best.

how ’bout that bronco game sunday?!