oh, hello fall. nice to see you again. we’ve had a number of chilly mornings which are slowly turning into chilly days. which then have me lusting over all sorts of new goodies to help keep me warm.

everlane has come out with some seriously amazing additions this season. i’m obsessing over all of their new outerwear pieces. especially this jacket. not as if i need another jacket…. but it’s REAL cute.

and it most certainly won’t break the bank at less than $170, i think yes.

so i’ve written about m.gemi shoes before and i still haven’t stopped obsessing. i’ve tried to get over them, but it just isn’t going to happen. especially once i saw that they made these. i mean, come ONNNNNN. they come in a variety of colors and each one is better than the next – i can’t decide which one i love the most! these emerald ones sure are pretty though…Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.26.22 PM

but wait there’s more – through november 12th, ALL m.gemi shoes are $50 off.

somehow i stumbled on this small business in my instagram feed one day and i’m so happy i did because i’ve been a loyal follower since. the company is based out of boston but they also employ a number of women in peru making it the epitome of a small business i can happily get behind. too bad i won’t look as adorable as she does in these hats… they also make cowls and she teaches a class in the boston area – i would LOVE to attend one of her classes. these are my top three favorites.

now that i’ve listed a pile of clothes that can be worn outside in the cold temps, i can’t help but think about what i’m going to change into once i get home. i’ve always been the type of person to wear whatever when going to bed and to be honest, it’s typically a pair of oversized sweats and a big hooded sweatshirt. but now that i’m a year older (and obviously much wiser and classier) i’ve been wanting a set of pajamas to sleep in. and when it comes to buying pajamas there is a complete gamut of choices: summer ones, winter ones, nightgowns, different fabrics – the list goes on and it’s quite overwhelming. but i’ve done a bit of research and these are the ones that i need. Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.30.08 PM

plus they’re from nordstrom so free shipping and free returns if they don’t work out! i just can’t decide between the navy or black…

what do you have on your wish list this year?


three worthy things

another sunday come and gone already?! it was a beautiful weekend here in burlington, mother nature really came in big.

currently obsessing over this candle that i found in hudson last weekend. i have been looking for a candle that has a masculine scent without being overwhelming/overpowering, is relatively slow burning but also has the ability to scent up the entire room and it just can’t come in a super ugly jar. i’m happy to say i have finally found the one. some of the other candles i have been looking at just haven’t quite fit the bill. oh and did i mention that you’ll actually have some bills in your pocket even after buying this one??

now that i’m working full time nights i’ve had some more down time during the days and have been spending lots of time reading. i have always been the “omg i love books, and i couldn’t think of ever giving up a book for a device” reader but there’s something to be said about a kindle – trust me – you can easily pack hundreds of books for your vacation, it’s super light, you can read it in full sun [which you can’t off an ipad], and if you’re an amazon prime member you get free books! regardless, i couldn’t put the damn thing down when i was reading this book. and i promise, it’s much more light hearted than it appears on first glance. and thanks to this post from cup of jo, i’ll have all sorts of good suggestions to bring to the next book club! anyone reading something that you recommend?

it’s almost a sin to call fall in vermont complete without a combination of hiking, leaf peeping and/or apple picking. please try and find one person who hasn’t done any of those things this fall. and most everyone will try to get all three activities done in one day! anyways, i jumped on the band wagon and spent sunday afternoon in bolton going on this little hike. rounding out the afternoon with some beers at a waterbury brewery was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. and i fell in love with this beer. fullsizeoutput_1973.jpeg

happy monday!

field + supply review

happy fall, ya’ll! how the hell is it already october 10th….? needless to say, the year is flying by. can’t believe it especially because it hasn’t quite felt like fall temps here yet. it’s been unusally warm for the season – it was 80 last week! thankfully the weather is slowly starting to cool off and the leaves are unreal pretty.

last weekend, tiffany and i did a totally “fall thing” and trekked out to the catskills to go to a craft fair. yes, a craft fair but i liked to call it a “boujee” craft fair while  field + supply was calling it a “modern makers” craft fair. the fair was held in kingston, new york along the hudson river at the hutton brickyards. let me start off by talking about how swoon worthy the location was. it’s this gorgeous and huge event venue that’s the home to many a concert, craft fair and wedding. it’s warm and inviting and i wish it was closer to burlington because i would spend hours there. just sitting. and staring. stole this pic from the hutton brickyards instagram account. start stalking – you won’t be sorry. fullsizeoutput_1923

we actually went to the fair with the intent to take this amazing calligraphy class put on by inkrevival. we aren’t that crazy to drive 8 hours total just for a craft fair. we wanted to get there in the morning with enough time to browse through all the vendors and eat without feeling rushed to make it to our class in time. but at 1:26 when we couldn’t find the table with the calligraphy class that was supposed to start at 1:30 we knew something wasn’t right… we asked some ladies at the closest “check-in” table and they informed us that the class we were signed up for, that we paid for, that we drove 8 hours round trip for was, indeed, CANCELLED. no communication was had regarding this cancelled class and the organizers of field + supply AND the woman who was teaching the calligraphy class are equally to blame. trust me, i get that life happens. and it happens when you’re least expecting it. there are certainly things that you cannot predict or plan for and it sucks and throws everything off. i get that. but seriously to not send an email about a class that was cancelled is bonkers. we most certainly wouldn’t have traveled that far OR stayed over friday night if we hadn’t signed up for the class. end rant.

i still want to take a calligraphy class – if anyone has good class options [online or in person] please send them my way!!

ranting aside, we had a great time at field + supply and wanted to take everything home. i found these amazing earrings from melissa joy manning and an amazing pair from tiny anvil jewelry. it took everything in my power to NOT buy yet another hat from trs hat company.

rewind to friday night when we arrived to the catskills. we stayed in hudson which is one of the cutest towns ever. our first stop was the rivertown lodge for a couple cocktails. the aesthetics and decor in that place make me want to re-vamp my entire space and have it look exactly like this hotel. IMG_1357

we bopped around downtown and went into some of the amazing stores that hudson has to offer. again, i wanted to buy everything to re-decorate my entire space. if you’re into the mid-century modern vibe you’ll be into hudson. moto coffee has the best lattes, finch has unreal furniture, mutiny the best store to find a gift for your guy, and fig & bella is the best store to find a trinket for yourself.

overall, it was a great weekend (even with the cancelled class…!) and i would go back to hudson in a second for another mini get-away! i highly recommend it. fullsizeoutput_18fdmy favorite fall combo – a good hat and comfy sweater from jess boutique paired with a scarf for the cooler days.fullsizeoutput_1908another shot of the hutton brickyards from this weekend. this one stolen from peak stuff vintage.


season change here in vermont also means wardrobe change. this time of year is usually rainy with nights that can get as cold as the 30s and we’ve had our first dusting of snow. that calls for lots of layers: scarves, sweaters, boots, tall socks – you name it. here are a few items that i would love to add into my closet this fall. the current wish list:

these m. gemi shoes. i was actually looking at another blog and she highly recommended these shoes. i know suede can be a hard fabric to keep clean and pristine, but i’m really lovin’ these royal blue suede moccasins. screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-8-29-55-pm

you can’t tell me these wouldn’t look amazing with a pair of black jeans and a crisp white tee….

i’ve been on the hunt for a brown bag for quite some time. and not just any brown bag. it needed to be very minimalistic. it needed two straps – one longer and a set/one shorter strap BUT that one had to be long enough to also put over your shoulder. one of the most important buying points is that it needed to be a bag that i’d have for a good long time. i have spent far too much time online looking for this said bag. yes, there have been some close runner ups. i finally found the one on our most recent san francisco trip. behold….

warby parker is one of my all time favorite eyeglass/sunglass brand. the ‘home try-on’ is brilliant; no sane human can order a pair of eyewear (and love them) without actually trying them on – and if you can, please tell me your secret. warby parker will send you a box of 5 of your favorites for 5 days at no charge [as long as you don’t break/steal/hoard them]. i recently did one the other month and fell in love with these beauties

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 8.44.41 PM.png

i’ve been lusting over this cashmere cardigan for quite some time – no idea why i haven’t bit the bullet and bought it, but…. i haven’t. i’ve actually never ordered anything from everlane, but boy do i want to. i love the simplicity of everything.

for those of you who haven’t heard of cuyana, well, now you have. and you’re welcome. they have great basics. and their basics last for quite a long time. i have one of their monogrammed classic leather totes and it’s amazing! softest leather that gets better with time, i get a compliment on it every time i wear it. i’d love a set of these travel bags to go with it.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 9.02.49 PM.png

what sort of goodies have caught your eye this season??


fall in vt. <3

i mean…. need i say more.


fall is one of my all time favorite seasons. and fall in vermont is on steroids. like awesome steroids.

a week or so ago, it seriously felt like fall here. enough that one morning we woke up to frost. yes, you heard me. frost. mother nature, i love you moving forward and all, but frost is a bit too quick.

apparently, mother nature heard my cry because she has warmed up nicely again. high 60s and sunny these past few days. perfect for spending all my time outside.

at least now, i’ll be prepared for when she cools down again. can’t wait to snap some more pics during all my fall adventures.

photo 2battery park, burlington – soon, these trees will be a blend of gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges.

photo 4

driving home from work one evening. and yes, i was stopped when i took the picture.

photo 2

photo 3

our view from the top of mount philo state park on tuesday night. we’ll be back once the leaves have changed. it’ll be here before we know it!

photo 5

a candid (secret) photo i snapped of juergen and his younger brother.

note: the pink martinis. HA.

photo 3

and then this. because fall is made for flannels and my all time favorite jcrew wedges.

oh, and in case i haven’t told you all the big news…. i’ve made an appointment. an appointment to dye my hair.

like, WHOA. scared out of my mind.

for those of you unfamiliar with this topic, please refer to my indecisiveness post.

happy fall!

“insert title here”

welp. i’ve done it again. 


apparently i’m really good at that. 


but on a happier note, the broncos play tonight, woohoo! and we all get to watch this hunk play. Imagenot too shabby, right?  


it feels like fall. and i’m in love. because then i get to bundle up with all my bulky sweaters, scarves, throw on my boots and be in fall heaven.  as much as i love the sun and warmer months, i just am a sucker for fall. i could go on an on but i’ll spare you. 

a few items that may or may not have fallen into my wardrobe: 



yet another reason i’m looking forward to colder weather, i get to wear my bb dakota davina coat.



and obviously i’ll wear it with these amazing frye riding boots. there was a store in burlington that had an amazing sale on everything in the store and i couldn’t say no. i need to learn how to though, it would make my wallet a little heavier. 



i wore these DV by dolce vita leather booties out last night, and boy oh boy am i in love. i was worried that they would rub the wrong way seeing as that i haven’t worn them in but they fit like a glove. i wore them with a little black dress and jacket. 



tiffany and i drank a bit too much, searched the town for crab rangoons (apparently there is no “late night” chinese in burlington) and gossiped into the wee hours of the night.


so being from colorado, i’ve been used to the dry climate and the typical “fire season” but never would i ever think that we’d have flooding.

especially to this extent. 

i have a bunch of friends in boulder still and it’s heartbreaking to see the extent of damage. my dad works for FEMA so i’ve been getting all sorts of “behind the lines” information &  it is unreal. i think the hardest part is hearing about it all and not being able to do anything! i couldn’t imagine. sending all my warm wishes and happy thoughts to everyone who has been affected in this terrible storm. it definitely makes you think twice about life. 

my life isn’t perfect. it won’t ever be. and this is something i strive constantly to remember because let’s be real, the idea of perfect is nice. things happen and life can throw you a curve ball (or seven) but it’s how you react that really matters. i’ve been trying to take things as they come and stop stressing over things that cannot be changed. i’ll leave you with this little pinterest find which i love. why? because it’s awesome. 




p.s. go broncos. 



birthday celebrations

although it’s halfway through october…. (and i’ve been mia for a few weeks now) it feels like it should still be august! where is the time going!? i have a little trend of going missing for a few weeks which seems to keep happening, yet i’m not sure why. i love to blog and i find that is the best stress relief and still haven’t quite figured that out. i’m trying to make a valiant effort to be here more often. we’ll see how that goes. 😀

so halfway through the semester finally! which means……. NO MORE PSYCH CLINICAL! best transition ever. starting another medsurg rotation and have never been more excited. i’m sure i’ll be ranting and raving about all my cool things that are happening.

the weather here is finally cooling down but now i have to leave my house at 6:15 twice a week and let’s just say those mornings are rather chilly. i feel kind of silly walking up to the hospital all bundled up but it’s necessary.

yesterday, was one of my best friends birthdays. she’s in boston now which is weird to have to do the long distance celebration. i’ve lived with her the last four years, so i’ve always gotten the chance to do the birthday thing in person – you know, the “happy birthday, let’s go to dinner, i’ll buy you lots of drinks and then take really embarrassing pictures of you.” i told her i needed to come visit so we could celebrate properly – as in the college way. 😀 happy belated izzo, love you! Image

izzo and i the other weekend when she visited. you can come back anytime now, kthanks.

going along with the birthday theme… today’s is dj’s! wish we both had free time today to celebrate. i have class all day and then work this evening while he has two tests tomorrow/friday to study for. some way to spend your bday. i promised him we’d celebrate another time – dinner and drinks on me. big spender, i know. and yes, i got him a gift but can’t tell you what it is yet… he hasn’t opened it. (and dj, i know you’re reading this and you thought i was going to spill the beans. jokes on you.)

the past few weekends have been jam PACKED with all sorts of activities! last weekend, two of my best friends, allie and ariana came to visit! i haven’t seen either of them since may so it was a really fun weekend spent catching up, re-living the college experience, and apple picking! allie is a nurse on the neurosurgery floor in albany and ariana is a model who is moving to LA tomrorrow! gosh, my friends are cool. 🙂 love you guys! Image

allie, ariana, and our friend jaja.


ariana and allie. it was my first time apple picking – needless to say, i’ll be going multiple times a year in the future.


pumpkins at the apple orchard. i LOVE fall therefore i LOVE everything that has to do with it. including pumpkins. but since i still live in a college town, i have a feeling that if i were to buy a pumpkin it would make it through one friday night before i saw the remains on the driveway. :/

this past weekend, i was able to get up to maine to be part of the most beautiful wedding! eryn and rick, got married on peaks island and it was a small beautiful ceremony followed by an awesome reception filled with good food, great people, dancing, drinks, and spending time with the most amazing people. a little on how i know these great people… for the past 6 years i have been able to spend time with the best little girl, isabella. she was 3 when i met her and she will be 9 in november. i have nanny’d her most of those six years. this past summer was the first time i didn’t go home to spend time with her and it was SO sad to tell her, and her parents, linda and sam. isabella’s older half-sister is eryn. i hadn’t seen any of them since last december so it was so awesome to go and spend time with everyone! Image

isabella and i at the wedding. we never left each other’s side. 🙂

recently, i’ve been thinking that i want to dye my hair. in fact, i have an appointment on monday to get it done. yikes! i’ve never even gotten highlights so a full head dye will be so different! i’m excited but i may chicken out as i’m sitting in the chair on monday. i’ll be sure to update everyone monday! 😀


this is the hair color i’m thinking… thoughts?