three worthy things

happy hump day! we’re halfway through the week, yeehaw!

the first item this week is dedicated to all you chefs out there. my sister, tiffany, found this amazing blog (i’d be really interested in how many times have i spoken/written/typed that phrase, ha!) and sent it my way. cookie and kate is a food blog that highlights fresh vegetarian meals, appetizers, snacks and desserts. i’ve tried a handful of her recipes and i’ve LOVED everything! doesn’t hurt that they’re relatively simple to make too!! some of my personal favorites:

broccoli, cheddar & quinoa gratin

thai red curry with vegetables

roasted cauliflower and lentil tacos with creamy chipotle sauce

best part about the majority of her recipes is that they’re rarely things i would just “throw together” on a random monday night. aka, it’s not just “another taco night” super creative!

the second item in this week’s has a bit of personal nostalgia connected. skip to the third if you’re not into it.

recently all mother nature is giving us is rain. [eye roll.] it’s got me really looking forward to summer! summer in maine at gay island to be precise.  the six hour trek to cushing flies by with the windows down on the back roads. we make a quick pit stop at the local store to stock up on wine, last minute goodies and more wine which we schlep down to the dock and load into the boat. a quick ride later and we’re unloading and cracking into the wine. weekends here are best spent with a good book, digging for clams and fishing off the dock. can’t wait for maine 2017!FullSizeRender-4

tattly is an amazing temporary tattoo website based in brooklyn. each tattoo comes in a set of 2 and if your heart so desires it, i’d be surprised if tattly doesn’t sell it. they’re super cute and what friend wouldn’t like a delivery of amazing temporary tattoos?! and you can add confetti to every order – definitely an added bonus. here are a few of my personal favorites. i’d love them during the summer months hanging at the pool or lake.

and if you need even MORE of a reason to buy one… or two or three… some are scented! let me know if you find any you can’t live without! maybe i’ll feel the same way!


gay island \\ cushing, ME

this weekend was one for the record books. it was one of the best weekends i’ve had in quite some time. lots of friends, fun and sun in a little place called gay island. the island is right off of the small town, cushing, which is 90 minutes north of portland. my boyfriend’s family owns a house on the island and i’ve been lucky enough to partake in the festivities.

we rounded up our friends and hopped in the car thursday afternoon. cushing is about 6 hours from burlington and the island can [quite honestly] be a pain in the ass to get to at night. we decided to drive to portland, enjoy some amazing dinner at duckfat, crash for the night and finish the journey the following morning.

friday rolled around and we hit the road. honestly, the last part of the drive is my favorite – yea, i’m sure it doesn’t help that the end destination is beautiful and who doesn’t love vacation- but the drive is also the most scenic and the back roads of maine are drop.dead.gorgeous.

we loaded up the boat and full steam ahead to gay island. we couldn’t have been luckier when it came to the weather – 80s and sunny throughout the whole weekend. IMG_2362

the house on the island is quite simple, and quite amazing; no plumbing, no built in electricity, no wifi, no television. once you get to the house it’s easy to ‘unplug’ and really spend some time and appreciate your surroundings. the house sleeps up to 10 but just be sure not to invite people you can’t stand; it can feel small when you’re sitting at the kitchen table and you actually have to make conversation. 😀


 when we got there we decided to take the ‘newbies’ exploring around the island. there are some loose woods behind the house, and lucky for us, no cars.

it might be an old wives tale in the andrew’s household, but i’ve heard there is a rogue camel on the island… i’ve yet to see said camel during any of my trips. 😀


friday night hit and we watched the most intense lightening storm from the porch. each strike of lightening was better than the previous lighting up the entire sky. it was INSANE. after that we had an epic battle of monopoly and hit the hay dreaming of camels.

took about 1000 burst photos and got about 2….

saturday was spent fishing from the dock, attempting to dig clams on the beach at low tide, and cruising over to port clyde for some oysters and cocktails.


the biggest oysters! 

after loading up on ice, cold beer and fresh lobsters,  we MAY have hit a bit of rain on the way back to the island. just so happens that it was the only rain we saw all day – figures

the rest of the day was spent in a plethora of ways: lounging, reading in the sun, fishing, shell hunting, napping, you name it. after a delicious meal of fresh seafood the boys stepped up and did the dishes. it was too good to not capture.


sunday, reality sunk in as we had to head back to vermont. luckily none of us had to get back for anything in particular so we weren’t in a rush. plenty of breakfast, coffee, sunning, fishing, and more coffee was had. jumped off the dock a few times and we called it a wrap. cleaned up, loaded our gear back onto the boat and caravanned back to the 802.


i must’ve drawn the short straw…. or something? let’s just call it a moment of weakness… i rode in the dingy all the way back to the main land. comical.

clearly, it was one of the best weekends i’ve had in a while. thank you to everyone who was able to make it happen and i can’t wait until next time!

goodbye for now, gay island!

colorado –> vermont –> maine

well kids, i’m back. from the best month ever. it really was quite amazing. and now i am the owner of a brand new macbook air so you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of me. 😀 i know, you can hardly contain your excitement.

first things first – denver.

we ate and drank our way through the entire state of colorado. did lots of touristy things and lots of not so touristy things. hung with friends, spent time outside, and perhaps did a bit of shopping.

boulder, co

ian, adison, dad, tiffany

people have always said that burlington and boulder are essentially sister cities. and although i’ve known this for the entire time that i’ve lived in vermont, it still amazes me every time i go back to boulder.

-burlington, vt — church street            -boulder, co — pearl street

the cool thing about them is that one guy designed both pedestrian malls; aka: they are pretty much identical. boulder is a bit wider and maybe a bit longer, but aside from that, they are quite similar. shops, restaurants with outdoor seating, sidewalk artists, food carts and the occasional homeless person can be found in both cities.

after working up an appetite  we dined at lyfe kitchen – conveniently located at the end of pearl street. it was amazing. i hadn’t heard anything about it before going there so i wasn’t quite sure what to expect. from the outside, it is a very cute, modern looking restaurant, with a fenced off outside seating area. it looks like a sit down restaurant but when you walk inside, you first place your order at the counter. once your food is ready, they’ll deliver it right to your table. i highly recommend trying it if you haven’t been.

after we got back from boulder, we had a few days to just relax in littleton. madeline’s (one of my lifelong best childhood friends) mother held her annual patio party on the weekend we were in town. it was conveniently planned so we could get everyone together for a big reunion. badminton, beer pong, and lots of catching up/gossip/talking about boys was done. consider it a success.

ian & the fam.

when we booked our flights home, i immediately logged online to see what shows were happening at red rocks while we were home. unfortunately, nothing worked out and we didn’t see a show but i still had to take ian there to check out the park. i’m still awestruck every time i go. we didn’t plan it right and couldn’t get into the amphitheater – guess we’ll just have to go back!

FullSizeRender 2


our trip home could not have gone any quicker. we were there for a full week, but it felt like a day. literally FLEW by. thankfully we (aka, master martha) had planned ahead and booked a reservation at linger for our last night. it was amazing. one of the weirdest yet probably the coolest things about the actual location is that it used to be the “olinger mortuary”. when you walk upstairs to the rooftop patio, the “olinger” marqee sign is still standing. and yes, somehow they’ve rigged it so it only lights up to say “linger”

the food was small plate size, so designed for sharing (which happens to be my personal favorite. i mean, who doesn’t like to try at least a bite of everything?!). we started out by everyone choosing one plate to order, but then that plan went to shit real quick. we just couldn’t stop ourselves. 2 hours and 8 pounds later, we called it a night.


i feel like i say this every time i leave denver, but i really love that city. it pulls on my heart strings more and more every trip back. i will be returning again – hopefully soon. and who knows, perhaps the next trip home will be a cross country move home….?

colorado –> vermont –> maine.

a week after we got home from colorado we went back to gay island right outside of cushing, me.

ian’s family has a house on the island and it really is quite heavenly. no tv and no internet. ample book reading, music listening, socializing, drinking (shocker), and against my better judgement, monopoly playing. we ate our body weight in lobster and played with rowdy children.

sunset from the dock.

my new friend jack and i.

back to reality, which essentially means back to work. the air is already feeling crisp here in burlington. crisp air can only mean one thing — fall is coming. and way too quick. i was crunching some leaves that had fallen while i was running the other day…..

i’ll be ready for the fall in like 3 weeks. i think. so please pray for more sunshine and heat!

birthday celebrations

although it’s halfway through october…. (and i’ve been mia for a few weeks now) it feels like it should still be august! where is the time going!? i have a little trend of going missing for a few weeks which seems to keep happening, yet i’m not sure why. i love to blog and i find that is the best stress relief and still haven’t quite figured that out. i’m trying to make a valiant effort to be here more often. we’ll see how that goes. 😀

so halfway through the semester finally! which means……. NO MORE PSYCH CLINICAL! best transition ever. starting another medsurg rotation and have never been more excited. i’m sure i’ll be ranting and raving about all my cool things that are happening.

the weather here is finally cooling down but now i have to leave my house at 6:15 twice a week and let’s just say those mornings are rather chilly. i feel kind of silly walking up to the hospital all bundled up but it’s necessary.

yesterday, was one of my best friends birthdays. she’s in boston now which is weird to have to do the long distance celebration. i’ve lived with her the last four years, so i’ve always gotten the chance to do the birthday thing in person – you know, the “happy birthday, let’s go to dinner, i’ll buy you lots of drinks and then take really embarrassing pictures of you.” i told her i needed to come visit so we could celebrate properly – as in the college way. 😀 happy belated izzo, love you! Image

izzo and i the other weekend when she visited. you can come back anytime now, kthanks.

going along with the birthday theme… today’s is dj’s! wish we both had free time today to celebrate. i have class all day and then work this evening while he has two tests tomorrow/friday to study for. some way to spend your bday. i promised him we’d celebrate another time – dinner and drinks on me. big spender, i know. and yes, i got him a gift but can’t tell you what it is yet… he hasn’t opened it. (and dj, i know you’re reading this and you thought i was going to spill the beans. jokes on you.)

the past few weekends have been jam PACKED with all sorts of activities! last weekend, two of my best friends, allie and ariana came to visit! i haven’t seen either of them since may so it was a really fun weekend spent catching up, re-living the college experience, and apple picking! allie is a nurse on the neurosurgery floor in albany and ariana is a model who is moving to LA tomrorrow! gosh, my friends are cool. 🙂 love you guys! Image

allie, ariana, and our friend jaja.


ariana and allie. it was my first time apple picking – needless to say, i’ll be going multiple times a year in the future.


pumpkins at the apple orchard. i LOVE fall therefore i LOVE everything that has to do with it. including pumpkins. but since i still live in a college town, i have a feeling that if i were to buy a pumpkin it would make it through one friday night before i saw the remains on the driveway. :/

this past weekend, i was able to get up to maine to be part of the most beautiful wedding! eryn and rick, got married on peaks island and it was a small beautiful ceremony followed by an awesome reception filled with good food, great people, dancing, drinks, and spending time with the most amazing people. a little on how i know these great people… for the past 6 years i have been able to spend time with the best little girl, isabella. she was 3 when i met her and she will be 9 in november. i have nanny’d her most of those six years. this past summer was the first time i didn’t go home to spend time with her and it was SO sad to tell her, and her parents, linda and sam. isabella’s older half-sister is eryn. i hadn’t seen any of them since last december so it was so awesome to go and spend time with everyone! Image

isabella and i at the wedding. we never left each other’s side. 🙂

recently, i’ve been thinking that i want to dye my hair. in fact, i have an appointment on monday to get it done. yikes! i’ve never even gotten highlights so a full head dye will be so different! i’m excited but i may chicken out as i’m sitting in the chair on monday. i’ll be sure to update everyone monday! 😀


this is the hair color i’m thinking… thoughts?

back from a blogging hiatus…

back from a blogging hiatus… and unfortunately back to reality at the same time. this past week has been so amazing! tiffany and i were bumming around burlington until thursday and then i met my mom in new hampshire and we traveled up and down the coast of maine until monday. rough life, right? here’s a recap of my week:

sunday-thursday: tiffany and i hung with the best people and had the best time. our mini vacation consisted of shopping, hiking, visiting the cabot factory and cider mill, boating, watching fireworks/playing with sparklers, and of course way too much drinking.

this is a pic of tiffany who i convinced it was standard practice to have a picture in the cow before entering the cabot factory… don’t know how she believed me.

 my friend, wade, who owns this bad-ass company (seriously, check it out! i have one of his tanks which i LOVE! a helpful hint… order your tank in a size bigger than you would normally wear) took us out on his boat a few days in mallet’s bay. he’s a big wake-boarder and i wanted to give it a go. let’s just say it wasn’t pretty but i did get up a few times. needless to say, i need some practice…

the fourth of july… (which one would think is celebrated on the FOURTH) ironically isn’t here. apparently burlington likes to celebrate on the eve of the fourth. it took us some getting used to but it was fab none the less. tiffany and i got all dolled up on the morning of the 4th expecting to be out-did by others. we weren’t. 

so we paraded around town in these outfits and got some …interesting looks. we stopped into a store on church street and the sales lady asked if we were drunk, hmmmmm. unfortunately our time couldn’t last forever and she had to leave but it was the best 4th yet. oh and tiffany, now would be a good time to come back! 🙂

thursday-monday: while tiffany’s vacation may have been over, mine kept going. ha! after i dropped her off at the airport, i made my way to the manchester airport to pick up my mom and we made our way up the maine coast. it was a whirlwind of a trip, we drove, relaxed, drove some more, shopped until we dropped, ate enough seafood to last us until next year (obviously that’s not true, i could go for some right now!), and then drove back. 😀 here is a snap of my odometer that i’d been tracking since i left burlington. let’s just say i could go without my car for the next few weeks and i wouldn’t be upset about it. 

here are some other pictures of our trip that i couldn’t leave out…

mom and i in kennebunkport. our first stop on the trip. got a FABULOUS lobster roll at a place called the clam shack. don’t take my word for it, just go try it. 

this was probably my favorite town of all the ones we visited… can’t exactly put my finger on it as to why, just love it. camden, me.

    mom and i went out on a ship and sailed around for 2 hours. it was AWESOME. 

wish i didn’t take a picture of this guy’s elbow…

the last day we traveled to bay booth harbor and explored that little town. it was quaint, and full of tourists like us. luckily it wasn’t nearly as humid as it was the day before! the views from some of the houses were probably the best that we’ve seen. pictures wouldn’t do it justice.  

mom and i always seemed to be obsessed with the bright buoys…

 overall, it was SUCH a good week and i can’t believe it’s all over! i had the best time with both my mom and my sister and wish we could do it all again! but on the bright side, it’s already wednesday! happy hump day!