new year, new blogger.

so i log onto wordpress this morning, and what notification do i see but a ‘happy anniversary with wordpress’ post. i think to myself, “oh my gosh, how cute, can’t believe it’s been two years.” and then i click it….

you guys. it’s been FIVE YEARS. five years has come and gone and what do i have to show for it? a blog that i really love to write, but also a blog that i’m so inconsistent in doing so. a week will come and go and i’ll post a couple times, and yet i’ll let three weeks fly by and not post once. when i started sequins & sneakers i was [wishfully] thinking that it was going to be easy – posting, brainstorm, and writing about cool things – i mean, sounds easy, right? and boy was i wrong. when you don’t dedicate enough time or energy into something, (as hard as it may seem) it won’t just generate out of thin air. SHOCKER, I KNOW. so here i am, ranting about not doing something that i am perfectly capable of doing. i just have to commit and make time for the things i enjoy.

so here i am, feeling like it’s a ‘wordpress new year’. so, happy new year, folks. and as they say… new year, new blogger. with this ‘new year’, i’m going to make a few resolutions. there’s really nothing like airing all your resolutions out in the open for everyone to know because, guaranteed at least one person will ask you about them.

-make a space that’s mine to work in. i want it to feel light and airy, and full of inspiration. here are a few pinterest inspiration desks: this one originally found here. love the natural light from this one, originally found here. i’m obsessed with a crisp white peg board wall like this one, originally found here.

-be more intentional with my posts. start planning for them more – plan topics, plan outfit shoots, plan cocktail making [twist my arm…]. finding a ton of help and motivation from these bad a** babes.

-take better photos and tailor my instagram towards one “vibe” instead of hundreds. you all know what i’m talking about… can’t have ‘light and airy’ but also ‘dark and gloomy’ AND ‘bright and full of color’ in one. it’s like multiple personalities. and i currently have about 5. and i’m working on it, okay?

alright, i’m going to start there. because i could totally keep throwing out resolutions but i need something small and attainable to start with. so with those, i’m going to leave you. i’ll see you in the new year. 😀IMG_0598



hello. it’s been far too long. i have no excuse.

my sister and i were driving to albany the other weekend for, yet another, lacrosse tournament. in the midst of our 3 hour drive she sprung this question on me:

“if you had more time and money, what would you do with your time that you don’t spend working?”

gets you thinking…..

here were my responses:

1. blog. consistently. i love the act of it. i love reading blogs. i want my blog to look as good as the ones i read. yet, i don’t spend the necessary time on it, so it doesn’t. and here i am. coming back to it 4 months later with my tail between my legs. can’t complain.

2. start a calligraphy business. who doesn’t love a good piece of snail mail? especially snail mail that is pretty enough to make it on the fridge. i mean, need i explain more?

3. be able to make real good drinks. everyone likes the person at the party who can whip together a drink besides a vodka soda, right?

4. do more with my dslr camera. be confident in myself that i can switch the settings out of “auto mode”

after we talked about both of our responses, it really got me thinking, “why can’t i make time for these things??” i really have no excuse. ya, i’ve been busy but so has everyone else. there are people that wanted to start or excel at something they’re interested in and they are able to make the time for it.

it just has to be a priority.

so here i am. telling all of you what i’d like to do more with my spare time.

[hopefully it will keep me accountable]

i’ll be sure to share all my successes and my setbacks – because let’s be real – no one is perfect and you’ve gotta learn somehow!

what would you like to make a priority in your life??

the view outside hen of the wood