adversity training

during my college lacrosse years, my coach would always make us do something [usually terrible like sprints after a scrimmage or game] and tell us it was just “adversity training”. i will be the first to say that those moments certainly made me physically and mentally tougher. i’ve, unfortunately, hit a point in my life where i need to look back on those moments and pull all the toughness out and put it to use.  yet there’s no amount of training that will get you though a break up – especially one that you never saw coming. the point of this post isn’t to complain and wallow in my sorrows – it’s to highlight how amazing my friends and family have been this past week. between helping move out of my house in 24 hours notice, to letting me crash in their spare bedrooms or couches, to just being there to listen to me bitch, i couldn’t have gotten though it without them. ❤

moving forward i’ve created a list of a few things to make the most of this life i have here in burlington:

try something new every week. ie: a new recipe, new cocktail, new bar, new place to eat, new place to work out… i’m excited for this because it’s something to keep me mentally engaged and looking forward to the new item of the week.

send more snail mail. who doesn’t love getting a card in their mail box “just because”? i can say that nothing turns your day around like a “just thinking about you” card from a friend.

be confident in living/doing thing/being by myself. all through college i had roommates, i had roommates after college, and then i had a boyfriend for a roommate. i’ve never lived by myself. finding a one bedroom apartment within a weeks time was something i didn’t think was possible but somehow it worked out and i’m moving into my own apartment this friday. needless to say, i’m excited and terrified. it will certainly be something to get used to, but i’m up for the challenge. i’ll be sure to post some pics of the new digs.

cheers to the future. thanks for everyone who’s had my back – you know who you are. XO. especially this chic.IMG_0769.JPG


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