red wing greatness

behold… my new great shoes. i left the house this afternoon in an attempt to distract myself from this crazy thing called life when i stumbled into stella mae on church street and found these. i can’t wait to wear them in. i see myself stomping all over NYC in these puppies next weekend. fullsizeoutput_1480fullsizeoutput_1485fullsizeoutput_147efullsizeoutput_1483fullsizeoutput_147cIMG_0256

i’ll be over here weather proofing and wearing them all over my house. [in my sweats.] i’ll be sure to post outfit pics when i wear them! 😀


5 thoughts on “red wing greatness

  1. Do you feel these stretch at all? I just got a pair and they’re pretty tight without socks. Any recs for socks to wear with them? Thanks!

    1. hi!! i found that they do stretch a bit, but, i got mine stretched at a local cobbler and they fit even better than i anticipated! i was worried that the leather would look funny after the stretching but unless they’re on my feet, i can’t tell that they’ve been stretched! i still wear them with super thin socks – KB from costco, happy socks or even trouser socks from jcrew! hope this helps!

  2. I just googled these boots after I saw them in Stella Mae last weekend and then had to find them online in my size. I have been trying to find reviews and photos of these boots on blogs. I came across your blog and then was surprised to see that you were based in Burlington too, of all places! I am happy to find your blog and will keep following it.

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