winter must haves

it’s really feeling like winter around these parts – and winter for me, brings a dry body. dry skin, dry hair, dry nails, you name it, it’s dry. so here i am trying to not look like a snake that’s about to molt a layer of skin while finding a balance of using natural products that make me feel good from the outside in. here are a few of my favorite products that are helping me get through the winter months.


bumble and bumble don’t blow it serum – i’ve been trying to eliminate the number of days that i use heat on my hair and my sister, tiffany, introduced this to me. it’s one of my new favorite creams. i shampoo and condition like normal and then use a nickel sized amount on wet hair. sometimes i’ll even use a pea sized amount once my hair is completely dry. give it a try – you won’t believe what your hair can do with it!


everyone 3 in 1 unscented lotion –  this is probably my all time favorite lotion. i found it at whole foods and it, thankfully, falls into my ‘all natural’ kick. i’m notorious for having super sensitive skin and this is one lotion that won’t further irritate it. it’s thick enough to help with the scales but it’s not so thick that you have to wait 20 minutes to sink in before putting jeans on. and don’t try to pretend that you don’t know what i’m talking about…

because of the sensitivity, i, honestly, haven’t tried it on my face like it says you can, but i’m sure it would be great!


indie lee squalane facial oil – a friend told me about indie lee products and i’m obsessed. i bought it from amazon but their website is super cute! AND if you sign up to receive their emails, you’ll get an extra 15% off your first order! what i love about this serum is, again, it’s not too thick. i was SUPER hesitant to put oil on my face but i tried and i’m in love! i don’t think i can go back to a regular cream after using this stuff. i use it both morning and night and my face feels like the sahara if i don’t use it. i’d love to try her swiss apple facial serum – please let me know if you have!!


pacifica alight multi-mineral bb cream – i read about this tinted bb cream from the free people blog and wanted to give it a go. i had a hard time finding it but found it at whole foods on my last road trip and found it for under $20-bonus!! it provides decent coverage but feels relatively light at the same time. it’s not sticky which is key for me. sometimes, if i’m super dry, i’ll mix it with my indie lee facial oil. give it a shot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


maybelline color sensational matte lipstick – again, thanks to tiffany, for finding this one. she, not surprisingly, found it on a blog but had the hardest time finding it in a drug store. it’s not as matte as i was expecting but maybe that’s because i wear chapstick under it. i’m pretty happy with the color and consistency and i like how it wears. it doesn’t leave a stain or the ‘i’m wearing lip liner because the lip stick has faded’ look once it wears off. screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-2-44-30-pm

let me know if i’m missing any of your favorite winter must haves!


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