the golden palace – aka trader joe’s

i’ve recently been delving into veggie/black bean/turkey burgers when i go out to eat because i feel less guilty – especially when i order the fries with extra aioli and finish it all. i’ve been wanting to make my own variation of these infamous burgers at home; until i thought about it and realized that it just sounds like way too much work.

and this is where trader joe’s comes in… for those of you who don’t know trader joe’s, i’m sorry and for those of you who do, how much do you love it?? seriously, though. it can be very intimidating for the newbie and i admit, about half of the time i go, i am purposely trying to find something new to bring home with me. i got over my fear of the store with a little help from some friends – aka: i used google. and google found PLENTY of blogs that told me exactly what to get at tj’s.

here are a few of my favorite finds:

quinoa cowboy veggie burgers – these are the veggie burgers i buy and they’re amazing! 4 to every box and they’re all individually packaged which is convenient because they’re not bad in the microwave at work. however, i prefer mine cooked in the oven (and i cook them for 8 minutes on each side because i like them a little crispier…) topped with blue cheese, an avocado and sriracha.


speaking of sriracha… – their’s is real good. i mean, how else can i tell you that it’s good…?


fig butter – i like to spread this on grilled cheese, pour it over a roll of brie, or even use it on my toast in the mornings. it’s a must get.


scandinavian swimmers – my aunt and uncle actually got me hooked on these and for that, i’m quite upset with them. these are literally like crack for me. i seriously CANNOT.STOP.EATING.THEM. it’s dangerous and therefore i only buy them once in a blue moon.


dark chocolate peanut butter cups – when these are around i can control myself a bit more. i actually keep these in the fridge or the freezer and they’re just the right amount of sugar that i need after a meal. and they’re especially nice because i can just eat one and feel satisfied.


greek whole milk yogurt – the last thing i hunt for at tj’s is their whole milk yogurt. the flavors are good enough that you can eat them by themselves. i usually add some granola and nuts, and i’ll even mix it into my smoothies!


what are your ‘go-to’s’ at trader joe’s? i’d love to hear!


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