above the clouds

happy tuesday!


it sure was happy for me as i got to spend it here. as a nurse my schedule is a two week repeating cycle and it varies with having to work every other weekend. i am lucky enough to have every tuesday and every friday off. during the summer i like to hit the beach and spend the day in the sun. during the winter, i like to spend my day on the mountain. ideally with a 60 minute massage afterwards.


today was seriously one of the ultimate best ski days i’ve had in vermont. that’s saying something seeing as that it’s december 6th, and only my second day out this year. the weather was phenomenal in the morning when we got there. it was low 30s and was super foggy near the top of the mountain but about 2/3s up, the fog broke and the sun was shining. we spent the day above the clouds and it was one for the books.



as the day went on, the clouds broke and the sun disappeared. we chased the pockets of powder all morning and we were finding fresh tracks up until the minute we left.

after we warmed up, we made our routine stop at piecasso in town. couple of slices and some beers later and we were back on the road headed towards burlington.


i never wanted the day to end.


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