brenna + kris

the weekend after thankgiving, i had the pleasure to help some amazing people tie the knot. brenna and kris threw the best party ever; it was one of the most fun weddings – and seriously gorgeous at that. i was honored to be part of your special day, b. congrats to the newlyweds!

the party started friday night at saratoga national after the ‘walk down the aisle’ practice. dinner, drinks, and a successful mannequin challenge later we packed the cars and headed back to the glens sanders mansion for a night of shut eye before the big day!!

ian and i at saratoga national

L: claire, the groom and i // R: claire, the bride and i.

the next day we woke up and started the festivities!

hair and makeup started promptly after coffee. the bridesmaids and bride got ready at glens sanders – the groomsmen and groom at another location. candice and jenna from jenna’s salon did some serious magic on us. they transformed all of us before our very own eyes, it was so incredible.

the beautiful bride

i showed jenna some updo from pinterest and she made it look exactly like the picture. i’m telling you –  you won’t be disappointed if you go to jenna’s.


after some snacks, coffee and plenty of mimosas it was time to put those dresses on. brenna’s was like a chinese finger trap contraption to put on – thankfully her maid of honor got some lessons from the bridal shop on how to master those ties. img_3013

and she’s off to get hitched!

we had so much fun – we celebrated into the wee hours of the night. unfortunately, everything must come to an end and we were back to reality starting with a couple hour drive on sunday.

cheers to the kowalczyk’s, have a blast in mexico!


bridesmaids dresses by adrianna papell

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