only the best place in the world

yes, you heard me correctly-the best place in the world. aka: northern california. i might be just a bit biased seeing as that 2/4 of the sister quad is there and my (almost) 3 year old niece and my 4 month old nephew.

my sister, jen, lives right outside the castro in corona heights. from there we travel back and forth to/from st helena to see my sister, meagan, her husband, jude, and the kids. this trip went by WAY too fast. it always flies by, but holy moley it was a whirlwind.

tiffany and i landed friday and headed right up to st helena. after an evening of wine with meagan and jude, we hit the hay. jude went to work the next morning while the rest of us drank coffee, played legos and changed diapers. we later met jude at cook [the restaurant/tavern he and meagan own in town – one of the best places. ever. oh, and they continue to win a place on the Bib Gourmand list.] i digress…. it’s amazing.



after brunch we sat and drank wine. from here – the view really is terrible.




saturday night we headed back to the city and went to the Sia concert. i’ve never been more obsessed. overall it was an amazing show. like knock your socks off kind of show. i’m still in shock. this is now my new favorite song and you can bet it’s been playing on repeat.


sunday we spent galavanting around the city with elyse.




if there’s anywhere you should travel in the near future – make it northern cali.

until next time, california. xo.


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