summer ain’t over yet

it’s warm and humid here today so what better way to spend it than with a chilled bottle of wine (or two) in the backyard?? although, weather like today can be hard to dress for – it’s hot but not. unless you’ve lived in the humidity, you don’t get it and it’s actually quite hard to explain [obviously].

here’s what i chose:




shop the look below!

madewell t-shirt // i honestly cannot find it anywhere online anymore, but it is the best shirt ever. it dries quick, and holds it’s shape really well.

havaiana flipflops // need i say more? if you don’t have them, just trust me.

bailey 44 skirt from jess boutique // this skirt is one that i grab when packing for most trips. it’s nice in that it’s super casual but can easily be dressed up for a night on the town.

nixon watch // i’ve had this watch for a couple years now and i honestly get a compliment about it nearly every day. the face is pretty, it’s super simple, and surprisingly light.

eenadee bracelet // this nugget bracelet is sterling silver and made with the same nylon that wind surfing boards are made of, so it’s perfectly durable for long days at the beach and in the sun.

happy tuesday!


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