vegas essentials

greetings, friends!

this weekend was spent celebrating my friend, brenna’s, bachelorette party in las vegas. packing for this trip was one of the harder trips to pack for because i had to keep a few things in mind: i knew it was going to be over 100 every day, we were going to be exploring the city throughout the day, and then had to gear up for a night on the town. a few essentials that i couldn’t afford to forget…. IMG_2526.jpg

diff sunglasses // md solar sciences mineral tinted creme // caudalie beauty elixir // smashbox photo finish face primer // baby lips chapstick

wore sunglasses about 90% of the time while in vegas. these ones by diff were perfect for the job – cute, protective and seriously functional.

wearing sunscreen for me is a total must. i apply it daily and my new favorite is by md solar sciences. i use the spf 30 with mineral tint which is perfect for re-applying during the day – you don’t have to worrry about re-applying makeup afterwards!

when we got ready to go out, i made sure to use face primer to protect my make up. i really like the one by smashbox, it goes on evenly (as long as i’m well moisturized) and it dries quickly not leaving me greasy at all.

i brought the beauty exilir with me everywhere while in vegas. i used it during the day, halfway through the night on the town, and after flying. it’s a great ‘pick me up’ leaving my face moisturized and radiant.

being the serious chapstick addict that i am, i’ve gone through quite a few brands. my recent favorite is a baby lips from maybelline. it works well as a chapstick but acts as a double duty agent providing some color and sheen limiting the need for lip stick.

overall, the trip was a massive success. we spent our days at the pool and our evenings exploring the city. we dined at portofino at the mirage and adventured down fremont street.

[tangent about portofino for a hot sec…. be warned.

dinner was one our biggest highlights of the entire trip. the food was out of this world, an amazing wine list, and excellent service by the general manager. it was one of the best meals i’ve had yet. if there’s one place to go when checking out vegas, make sure portofino is the place.]

pool party at the palms
view from the top of the stratosphere
from inside the venetian
picture after dinner at the mirage


first night out
me, brenna, claire




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