new serum, new skin.

happy hump day, folks.

it’s a doozy over here today. i’m just tryin’ to get through the day without smothering someone (or snapping, bitching, yelling…  you get the point.) it’s just one of those days.

in other unrelated and much more positive news, i’ve found something fabulous. something great and new and state of the art. okay, i guess not exactly state of the art, it’s really quite simple – yet still fabulous.

here’s the behind the scenes version:

i’ve got some of the most particular, sensitive, annoying skin there is. i’m being overly critical (as almost everyone is about themselves) but it’s sensitive. i’ve been fighting acne [and now adult acne] for pretty much my whole life. it’s not terrible, but it’s annoying in the fact that when i get zits, they’re big and painful and the under the skin type. they’re also the type that leave dark marks and discoloration. so i’ve tried all sorts of regimens, and i’ve pretty much nailed down the face wash/lotion combo but i needed something to help with the discoloration.

thank you, google search! i found a lovely little article written by elle magazine entitled, ’18 best products for treating acne scars’ BOOM. it has a great selection of products ranging from overnight masks, to UV lights, to a daily cleanser. the products range in price from $5 each to $299, so there is literally a product for everyone’s budget.

i chose two separate ones, both available from amazon and BOTH for less than $50. i didn’t want to break the bank on new products when i wasn’t sure if they were going to work for me, so i was quite thrilled when i saw the price tags.

1. insta natural vitamin c skin clearing serum  – this is one of amazon’s top sellers in the ‘facial salicylic acid’ departments. there are over 3000 reviews and with an average rating of 4.3 you know it’s gotta be good. i’ve been using the serum twice daily for about a month. the bottle always says you need more than you do so i’ve found 2-3 drops is plenty for my face and neck. i put it on right after i wash my face and use my toner before sunscreen. it’s great in that it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all and it’s quick drying; great for my 6:20 departure mornings.

2. derma e overnight peel  – i’m, honestly, still a bit new to the overnight peel regimen so i haven’t quite mastered the cocktail. i’ve been using it twice a week [per the bottle directions] and i think i could amp it up by a day per week. again, the bottle says apply a generous layer, but literally less than half a pump each use is plenty. it leaves my skin with a slight tingling feeling which i kind of love because i think it’s sucking my wrinkles out.

what i love about both products [besides the price, obviously] is that neither have made me break out. and coming from a girl with sensitive skin, nothing is more annoying than trying something new, and getting a face full o’ zits from it.

wishing you all a glorious wednesday and hoping your day is now infinitely better. and your face! i promise it will be!!


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