birthday punnies

what’s the difference between a piano and a fish?

the other day my friend, brian, and i went to breakfast. he started our meal with this joke.

if you don’t like puns and corny humor – please stop reading now. you probably shouldn’t come back either…. just kidding, come back. but consider yourself warned that sometimes i think i’m really punny.

this is most definitely a “thom rounds joke” thom rounds – also known as my father is undoubtedly the best guy around. and today, he turns another year older/wiser/happier/cooler/funnier/smarter [the list goes on].

he’d totally appreciate the joke.

the legend himself. ❤

mother nature has really screwed us all here in the north east. it snowed yesterday. yes. you read that right, snow. and it’s cold. and I HATE IT. nothing is good about snow and below freezing temperatures this far into april. it’s just a cruel joke.

i’ve been staying warm, by just not going outside. hello, hermit. i’ve been spending my time by doing a serious spring cleaning (although it’s clear we shouldn’t call it ‘spring’ cleaning-how does, ‘it should be spring, but it’s cold and snowing, so it’s not spring cleaning’ sound? too much?), lots of reading, and some DIY’ing.

things i’m cleaning:

–my closet. serious purge going on. i’m really trying to be truthful to myself. if i haven’t worn it since the last time i went through my closet, i can’t keep it. and it’s really quite difficult. once i decide that i’m no longer going to keep it, i have 4 piles: goodwill or trash [i think there’s an unwritten rule, that should be written, that says if you wouldn’t give it to your friend, you shouldn’t give it to goodwill], platos closet, 2nd time around, and ebay.

platos closet takes a lot of items that i wouldn’t have thought they’d take. including men’s clothes!

2nd time around is a relatively local consignment chain in the the north east. think of more name brand items, with little to no, wear and tear.

i use ebay when i have a name brand item, that i think could do better with the auction. there are only a few items that make it into this pile.

–my car. i’m really trying to keep my car in tip-top clean shape! it makes it feel newer, longer! bi-monthly car washes, good wipe of the interior with the armour all cleaning wipes [they’re amazing, worth every penny!!!], and a quick vacuum [either with the vacuum at the car wash or tiffany’s dust buster. yes, dust buster. she found  it here, and i need to buy one. it works].

–the kitchen. another purge going on here. i’ve been going through our kitchen and i’ve been finding doubles and triples of things that we aren’t using! those have all been going to goodwill, because there’s no reason to keep them!

things i’m reading/have finished reading/want to read:

when breath becomes air by paul kalanithi — finished. make sure you have your tissues ready.

the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo — in my stack of to read.

styled  by emily henderson — have read it once, and will continue to reference it. LOVE IT.

the good girl by mary kubica — reading it. definitely a page turner.

things i’m DIY’ing:

you’ll have to wait and see. mostly i’m just not happy with how some of them are coming out, but i’m workin’ on it! as soon as i’ve perfected it to my standards, you’ll know.

stay warm out there kids.

happy birthday, thom rounds, love you!

oh. and…..

you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish!


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