green for my plastic.

i received a much anticipated package the other day. and i had to photograph every step of opening it, not only because it was that pretty, but because i was that excited! i found this wallet that i have been swooning over for a while. actually, my friend, was carrying it, and after seeing it in person, i couldn’t not bite the  bullet. i’ve been carrying a lodis card wallet [something similar to this] for quite a while now, and i loved it, but it was time for me to move on.

i googled the wallet ‘comme des garcons sa3100 classic wallet‘ and had to dig for what i was looking for. but i found it. never heard of the site i used, but i’ll just rave about it for a few minutes….

it’s called END. it’s a mens clothing site, based in the UK, but i went for it. i placed my order late one evening (march 20th to be exact) – no different than any other order. the very next morning i received my shipping confirmation and it was scheduled for delivery in two days! i was pretty shocked, because, 1. i didn’t pay for “2 day shipping” and 2. it’s coming from the UK – usually packages from overseas take their sweet time getting to good ol’ burlington.

and two days later (march 23rd), mid morning, the fedex guy rapped on my door, with a lovely little package. it kinda felt like christmas morning.

this is what i signed for:

loving the simple packaging.

and this is what was inside:


i’m loving my new wallet, and i’m now even more inclined to use that website again! another bonus – you can pay through paypal! i had some money there from ebay a while back, and forgot about it – which  makes it feel like it’s free!

….but yes, i do understand that it wasn’t free. 😀


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