experience bvt.

spring is right around the corner here in burlington and you all know what that means…. springtime means lighter, later. springtime means seeing people you haven’t seen in a while. springtime means pasty arms breaking free in t-shirts that haven’t been worn all winter. springtime means greener grass and budding flowers. springtime means chirping birds. springtime also means mud season. for those of us who haven’t experienced mud season, let me elaborate. mud season varies greatly on how mother nature treated us during the winter season. the snowier and colder, the worse the mud. so this year, we might not have mud at all! ūüėÄ regardless, mud season is typically late march/ish-mid/ish may. and it is exactly what you think – muddy and sloppy. break out your rain boots, your waterproof boots, and the boots you don’t care about. keep your fryes, your jeffrey campbells and all your¬†suede in for the next few weeks here.

spring in burlington is hard to beat. come and experience spring here in burlington with us. for those of you who do exactly as i say, good job and see you soon, but for those who need a bit more coaxing, here is a list of my all time favorite spring-time activities to help lure you in. oh and this picture might help you too…


you’ll need somewhere to sleep – hotel vermont OR lakeview B&B – both downtown burlington. disclaimer: i’ve actually never stayed at either of these places. but i really want to! one is obviously a hotel with a great trendy little bar and amazing restaurant downstairs. the B&B will give you the expansive lake views with a gorgeous backyard.

they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

first stop – penny cluse cafe¬†– downtown burlington. if you’re an early bird, good for you, and you’ll thank yourself. if you visit during the week, good for you. but if you go anytime between 830-11, expect to wait for a while. hard to miss this place as everything on the menu is amazing. their specials are to die for.

things you shouldn’t miss there: one of their famous biscuits, their coffee, their tangerine juice.

shopping on church street Рdowntown burlington. church street is 7 blocks in total, but 4 of those blocks are strictly a pedestrian mall located a few minutes from the lake. boutiques, restaurants, food carts and street performers fill the street Рespecially when it gets warm. the perfect place to spend a few hours Рputzing around, people watching, or even grabbing a bite to eat!

places you shouldn’t miss there: stella mae, jess boutique, frog hollow, leunigs bistro, crow bookshop.¬†tons of other places to check out, these are just a few of my favorites.

renting bikes and biking out to the causeway – start by riding down the bike path towards colchester. after a while, you’ll be riding on a path in the middle of the lake. it’s super flat, and great for a big group. will take a bit with younger kids, but totally doable!

drinking at citizen cider – downtown burlington in the south end arts district. great place to go for a few lite bites, and a drink mid afternoon. throughout the week they have specials on select items – be sure to check a menu when you get inside! nothing beats a warm sunny day, sitting on the deck, listening to live music with a drink in your hand, right?!

check out a show at the flynn – depending on the schedule that’s out, you’ll be able to see a traveling show, or something local. it’s a great way to see some “culture” while you’re in town. ¬†it’ll help split up the over induling eat/drink/shop road that i’ve sent you on.

i’ve given you a ton of ideas, and this is only an eighth of what you could actually do while you’re here. trust me and just plan¬†a visit to burlington. all of burlington is accessible without having¬†a car. all of the ideas i’ve given you are easy to get to without renting a car – should you be car rental scared or just want to park your car for the weekend.

hope to see you soon!