health for the win

we all have that one friend/coworker/acquaintance with the best eating habits that we admire. [my coworker’s name is lauren, but more on her later].

oh, and don’t lie to yourself and think that i’m in this by myself-you totally know what i’m talking about.

we look at them eating their super healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner and we’re jealous. jealous because they made a salad that actually looks really good, and not just a pile of green stuff in a bowl. jealous because it actually looks like they’re enjoying their salad, and here i am, suffering through the first half and giving up. we look and see them always carrying around an extra large reusable water bottle. and not only carrying it around, they’re actually drinking water. thus requiring a refill of the reusable water bottle. we see their clear face and healthy hair. we see their trim waistline but strong and lean muscles.

i want to be that person. 

i’ve been wanting to be that healthy, happy, strong, confident woman for a long time. i want to be confident in shorts, and a tank top, and a bikini. and don’t get me wrong, i’m not asking to be the skinniest person in burlington. i would just like to be healthy and confident in my body. and it’s freaking hard. it’s a serious lifestyle change that is so hard without an ally changing their life with you. it’s hard without a personal trainer/coach telling you exactly what you are and aren’t allowed to eat. this is where my girl lauren comes in BIG!

lauren and i have gotten to know each other a bit more as we’ve been working together for a while. i work day shifts and she works evenings, but sometimes i’ll work into the evening (depending on the day). regardless, she’s the girl eating something that looks really good and healthy, avoiding the nurses station with all the cookies, cake and muffins (aka: artificial foods) that patient’s families bring us. i asked her what her secret was to looking good, and having the willpower to not eat a ton of crap all day (because there had to be one). she started by telling me, that it was difficult at first, but turned easy once she got into the clean eating habit. she doesn’t get any cravings for sweets any longer. she also doesn’t let her social life go to waste. she’ll go out to eat, she’ll have a drink when she’s out – she hasn’t gone crazy – because EVERYONE needs wine. okay okay, enough about her. she told me about this book. and i bought it on amazon. and it has changed my life in a great way.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.37.52 PM.png

now you should all go buy it. but here a few take away points for you [before you receive yours in the mail that is….] i’m not even going to tell you the reasoning behind these points, you’ll just have to read it for yourself! trust me it’s worth it!

stop using any sort of oil except olive oil and coconut oil

stop using white sugar, brown sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

stop using white flour and only use 100% whole wheat flour.

stop using anything with food coloring, “natural flavors”, or preservatives.

you’re all going to think i’ve gone crazy when i tell you that i’ve honestly felt a difference once i’ve cut out all that garbage. i’m not as tired, i have more energy, and i’ve started to crave healthier snacks and meals. but i won’t lie to you, it’s HARD! it’s hard when all you want for breakfast is a doughnut from your favorite doughnut dilemma shop in burlington with coffee and flavored creamer. i think breakfasts have been the hardest for me. i love cereal. i love granola. i love every sort of baked and delicious pastry there is. my days off i’ve been trying to make something different to keep me engaged.

today’s breakfast contained: two scrambled eggs, onion, sweet potato, avocado, and sriacha with a nespresso maple coffee. it was REAL good. i could’ve added a piece of ezekiel bread, but opted out this morning.


i’m only a few weeks into this new journey and am sure i have TONS more to learn. i will obviously have my good days and my not so good days, but today, i’m feelin’ a-ok. i urge you all to join me in this “clean eating” journey that i’ve started. we can help each other along!


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