cup of tea

happy day after president’s day! hope that everyone was able to enjoy a nice long weekend! it was bitterly cold this weekend, and today, we’ve got freezing rain! hello winter. if it doesn’t snow here in a little bit, i’m going to have a mental breakdown. which will then turn into a physical breakdown.

you’ve all been warned.

i actually had yesterday off – first monday i’ve had off since i’ve started my job! didn’t do it on purpose, just made a trade with a co-worker who needed a shift covered, and i lucked out! something about having monday off (even when i had to work the weekend), i felt almost guilty. but it was quite lovely.

woke up, drank some coffee, responded to some emails, worked out. then tiffany and i went adventuring.

first stop- the shed sales antique store – it’s called a store, but i do think the man who owns it, lives in half of the building. it’s a random stand alone house on shelburne road, you’ll know when you see it, because the windows are JAMMED with all sorts of items.

for anyone that lives in the burlington/shelburne area you will all know of this place. for those of you who don’t know anything about the area (store), i’ll preface it with a few ground rules: only go to said store when feeling skinny, always bring a friend, and never go in the winter. 

  • only go to said store when feeling skinny – exhibit A. i don’t think i need to say anything.


this was a snapchat that i had taken, but it was too good not to screen shot it and post it here too. literally just a small area to walk, the counters, the walls, and as you can see here, the ceilings. i could only imagine how long it took this man to put a price tag on every single thing.

  • always bring a friend – exhibit B. there are so many nooks and crannies, it is honestly kind of creepy. the lights aren’t always on, and we had to use our phone flashlights to see things. all of a sudden we’re walking down a row, i look up, and see a full size mannequin. i just about peed my pants.


once my heart rate had slowed down enough, i was able to take a picture. HA.

  • never go in the winter – exhibit C.  i think this is the most important take away point. the guy doesn’t heat the place. like at all. we walked inside, and no joke, it was colder inside than it was outside. we walked around as fast as we could, but had to leave because we were so cold! we probably could’ve spent a few more hours scouring through everything, but our toes couldn’t handle it.


notice, the hood, the hands in the pockets. i think if you look close enough you could probably see her breath.

once we got into the car, we were able to talk about what just happened. overall, it is a very cool place. the owner told us that he’s been collecting for over 40 years, and just keeps finding new stuff. however, i’m not sure he’ll have a surface to put anything new on.

it is also very sad. the guy is by definition a hoarder. the prices of things were way too ridiculously high for anyone to buy them, which perhaps may have been done intentionally, because then nothing gets sold. i’m sure people have come along and bought an item here or there, but it was just crazy what he was asking for things. he had the most amazing tea cup collection along with plates and serving wear – tiffany had said at one point, that it would be cool to buy stuff for a outdoor summer wedding from him – until we looked at the prices. each plate was at least $12, each cup and saucer was at least $10. i could go on over to my (not so local) anthropologie and buy all brand new stuff for those prices! i digress…..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

if you’re ever cruising around town in the summer with your bestie, go check this place out. it’s worth a visit.


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