beauty store snags

i did it. i got sucked into mirror mirror today, and i can’t ever make it out of there without spending a bit of cash. oops. but let’s just say it was money well spent.

here are a few items that i purchased…. i’ll be sure to put it all together and upload a pic of me wearing it all – hopefully this weekend!

i was in the market for a new foundation, yes, i know, i said foundation. i hate foundation. it has such a negative stigma and there are some out there that make you look like you’re wearing a mask. an ugly, too much makeup wearing, mask.

so when i went in, i prefaced my request by saying that i wanted a very light foundation. this is what they recommended and i loved it! what was nice about it, was that…

1. it has spf, and not just a measly 15 spf – sun protection is where it’s at.

2. it is very buildable. as hard as it is to believe, sometimes i break out. (HA, this is funny because i am very negative about my skin, and i think i break out frequently) and on those breakout days, it’s nice to have the ability to have a bit more coverage.

3. the bottle is great because it comes in this tube looking thing, but then when you pull off the top, there’s a pump. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve thrown a tube like this into a dopkit, the top comes off, and the contents get squeezed all over the bag. can you say hot mess?

once my foundation was all blended in, the magic man pulled out these magic pallets.

the one on the left is trish mcevoy’s translucent finishing powder. it’s a dual function powder in that you can put it on after the foundation, and it can be applied after all your makeup is on for a blender. we used it after the foundation, before the bronzer and blush, and it served as a “fresh start” skin prep. for lack of a better explanation… it kind of dries out the foundation, and prevents the bronzer and blush from sticking to the foundation. it was great.

after we used the translucent powder, bronzer and blush were applied (and not pictured, because i didn’t need them). after that, we used a little bit of the highlighter (shown on the right) for a finisher. we used only a small bit, and applied it to the “sunkissed” parts of my face, and it really brightened it up! a little bit, goes a long way!

so i’ve been a sucker for chap sticks, lip glosses, lip sticks for about as long as i can remember. if you put it on your lips, i’m into it; so i couldn’t turn down trying this new color combination that he recommended.

the first layer is the beauty booster lip and cheek color in perfect red. i, also, have this in her perfect rose, and i’ve loved it since day one. i knew it was only a matter of time before i fell for another color. what’s great about these is that you can apply them on your bare lips and your lips won’t feel like sandpaper (as they can with other lip stains/sticks). AND, apparently, you can use them on your cheeks. i’ve yet to try that, but if i do, i’ll let you know how it goes!

the next coat was the color milan from the sheer lipstick collection. we only added a touch of this on top and it was amazing! not going to lie, i was a bit skeptical when i first saw the two colors together, i couldn’t imagine them being blended to turn out, but boy are they great!

i’ll be sure to wear all my new makeup this weekend and snap a few pics. let me know if you have any of these products and you use them differently! all about using things in various ways – more bang for your buck. 😀


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