weekend hangover

i mean…. i’ll just start here:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.50.07 AM
found here

this colorado girl really loved superbowl sunday. it wasn’t the best game by most standards, but holy moley, was that bronco defense amazing or what?!

we had a few people over and, of course, made tons of food [that we obviously didn’t need to consume], and cheered the night away.

i made some vegetarian chili from this amazing website. i know what you’re thinking, “why is she making vegetarian things, is she even a vegetarian?” but trust me on this one. it’s amazing! everything from her site is amazing! and best part about the entire thing was how incredibly easy it was!!

double bonus – everyone loved it!

double double bonus – no one knew it was vegetarian! [until i gave away my secret that is]

working backwards….

saturday night we went to hotel vermont ice bar. it was quite a cold evening, but between the whistle pig, the citizen cider, and long trail beer, we stayed warm enough. lots of small bite appetizers, pickings from their menu, and a make your own s’more station! we may have spent the night bouncing between the s’more station and the photo booth.

hotel vermont has been putting it on for a few years now, and every year the tickets are harder and harder to come by. this year, i just so happened to fail and not get a ticket. and of course they sold out quickly!  luckily i’ve got people who know how to get things done.

{thank you, lj!}


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.27.37 AM                                 Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.08.10 AM

unfortunately, back to the grind. apparently, other parts of the us are getting some snow? too bad it couldn’t come to burlington, our ski season has been quite bleak. maybe mother nature could help us out a bit and send some snow this way.


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