bar cart band wagon

so as i’m sure everyone knows by now, bar carts are so fetch. and i’ve been wanting one for like, ever. but the thing with bar carts (aka, a cute rolling stand with shelves that one decorates with bar decor) is that they can be quite pricey. and you have to have a space for the stupid thing.

so i totally have had a space for one. i could just picture it. almost daily. and i had an idea of what i would stock it with. but the dilemma was that i wasn’t ready to shell out sometimes an ungodly four-hundo for one.

so i’ve been bar cart-less. until this past weekend! tiffany and i took a mini day trip to target and i found the best bar cart for the best price. i probably shouldn’t even tell you because you’ll be jealous. but i will. somewhow i found one for only thirty dollars! i couldn’t pass it up. i know what you’re thinking….. i didn’t just buy it because it was on sale. i actually love it! 😀

so i swooped up that baby real quick. and then came the fun part – decorating!

this is where i spent (what felt like) hours online scouring every blog/website/pinterest post about how to design a bar cart. i have a ton of pretty glass wear that was hiding in our cabinets so i figured what better way to display it than on the new cart?!

i started with my ‘cheers’ old fashioned glass (also from target, but a few years back) then i found my prettiest bottles of liquor and threw them right next to the glasses. grabbed my moscow mule mugs and threw them on too. i’m missing the idyllic paper straws in the picture (their home is in the copper mug on the top shelf). i also am on the hunt for the perfect cocktail shaker set. any recommendations?

threw on some ranunculus from trader joes and my gold target figurine (for lack of a better word…)





i’m loving the way the top shelf looks, but i’m not in love with the bottom half. it needs a little extra flair. i’m still playing around with things, and i can’t quite figure out what i’m missing. would love to hear your opinions!


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