rockin’ around the christmas tree

18 more nights until christmas!!

this weekend, we went out and picked up our tree.

growing up, we always had a fake one.

disclaimer: i hate fake trees. [sorry mom. and no, i didn’t hate my childhood and i still love christmas]. and here’s why: first, they don’t smell good. second, they don’t leave pine needles all over the place, and third they don’t smell good.

so, there will be no fake trees in the house i sleep in.

we went to whites tree farm in essex to pick up our beauty. it was a gorgeous drive, it was just cold enough that it felt festive. it was christmas tree heaven out there. hundreds of trees to pick from, sleds to drag it back to your car with and hot chocolate as soon as it’s loaded onto your car.




i secretly want a totally tacky tree for my bedroom. i mean, who doesn’t want a silver christmas tree loaded with glitter and streamers?!

i’m picturing something like this…. but full size!!

christmas tree - blog
amazing-ness found here via pinterest 

One thought on “rockin’ around the christmas tree

  1. one, i think ian would kick you out of the house if you put a full-size silver tree in your bedroom HAHAHA! but i would love to see you try! 🙂 two, i agree that a real tree is nice, but real trees are so incredibly wasteful if you just throw them away like everyone tends to do. that being said, we also have a wasteful real tree. AND a candle that smells like it.

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