DIY kitchen chairs

happy (stupid raining, gloomy, cold) wednesday everyone.

it literally has NOT stopped raining since i posted last. 24 hours ago. yes. 24 hours of rain. and it is quite terrible. especially because it is chilly! if only it were a few degrees colder….

a while back, i had told you about the kitchen chairs i found on craigslist. let me just go on my rant about craigslist real quick…

i love it. and i hate it. for me, (who doesn’t have the innate creativity that others do) i always need a step by step tutorial of every project. literally every step. so, once i’ve figured out what project i want to accomplish [or destroy ] i can use craigslist to find the exact starting piece i need. and most times people are just trying to get rid of things, so they’re usually willing to negotiate with you on the price! 😀 bonus!

back to the DIY….

okay. so i wanted kitchen chairs. i wasn’t particular about the style, i knew i wanted something in generally decent condition, and i wanted to not break the bank. not too hard when you’re using craigslist.

once i found the chairs i wanted to use, i bought some spray paint, dusted those bad boys off and went to town! i read a ton of other blogs/DIYs about how to spray paint [told you i needed step by steps] and found a paint that lots of people recommended. some people would sand everything down and use a primer, but honestly, i just cleaned them off real good. i’m really happy with how they turned out!

chair #1 – $5 
spray paint of choice – maybe $4?
finished product! clearly still wet….

 i think i spent about $60 total for a few cans of spray paint and 8 chairs. tell me where you can buy 8 brand new chairs for less than that!

happy DIYing! be sure to let me know if you try something similar! or give me some new ideas! 😀


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