it’s happening. i’m nesting. aka moving in with my man friend. it scares the wits out of me. and at the same time, it’s super exciting. i’ve been trying to move things from my house to his slowly along the line to prevent a total freak out (clearly on my behalf) on “moving day”. which by the way, is this TUESDAY. gasp.

in the midst of my move i’ve been trying to ruthlessly go through my closet and get rid of things. it’s so crazy the amount of things i was keeping just because i had the fleeting feeling of “omg, i totally might wear this one day, i can’t get rid of it, i’m going to miss it so much!” false. that is the most false thing ever. there were things in my closet that i hadn’t worn in who knows how long. (mom, i hope you’re not reading this right now….) 😀 i was kind of harsh when i went through it though – it was good for me.

here were the questions i asked myself:

  1. have i worn it in the last week? – usually not
  2. have i worn it in the last month? – this is where i tried to convince myself that i had
  3. have i worn it since the last time i went through my closet? – nope. time to get rid of it. no more excuses, adison

so, that is how i got rid of 50% of my old closet – ha. kidding. but lots of things. and the other clothes that made the cut, made it over to ian’s hosue.

now i can’t say that i’ve ever lived with a dude like this. ya, i’ve lived with dudes in college but this is different. this is really living. the good, the bad, and everything in between. anyone who has tips for me, PLEASE send them my way.

the (most) fun part about this entire thing is all the re-decorating/re-finishing/re-arranging i get to do! it’s quite exciting. i can’t really say what my exact “style” is. i love a super bright and colorful bohemian house and at the same time, if i could have everything in my house white black and grey, i’d be a happy camper. it can be quite difficult when trying to decorate a living space. i’m trying to have the best of both worlds.

here are a few links of where i get my inspiration…..

bright, bohemian living:

clean, modern living:

i’ve been trying to make the most of the money i have and the things i own. craigslist is now my new best friend. i’m currently in the middle of refinishing – aka, spray painting – old wooden chairs that i’ve bought on craigslist. it’s crazy what a can of spray paint will do. COMPLETELY changes the look of something old and transforms it into somethings new and amazing. i’ll be sure to post pics when i’m finished!

happy almost sunday!

p.s. who also can’t wait for sunday football?!


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