colorado –> vermont –> maine

well kids, i’m back. from the best month ever. it really was quite amazing. and now i am the owner of a brand new macbook air so you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of me. 😀 i know, you can hardly contain your excitement.

first things first – denver.

we ate and drank our way through the entire state of colorado. did lots of touristy things and lots of not so touristy things. hung with friends, spent time outside, and perhaps did a bit of shopping.

boulder, co

ian, adison, dad, tiffany

people have always said that burlington and boulder are essentially sister cities. and although i’ve known this for the entire time that i’ve lived in vermont, it still amazes me every time i go back to boulder.

-burlington, vt — church street            -boulder, co — pearl street

the cool thing about them is that one guy designed both pedestrian malls; aka: they are pretty much identical. boulder is a bit wider and maybe a bit longer, but aside from that, they are quite similar. shops, restaurants with outdoor seating, sidewalk artists, food carts and the occasional homeless person can be found in both cities.

after working up an appetite  we dined at lyfe kitchen – conveniently located at the end of pearl street. it was amazing. i hadn’t heard anything about it before going there so i wasn’t quite sure what to expect. from the outside, it is a very cute, modern looking restaurant, with a fenced off outside seating area. it looks like a sit down restaurant but when you walk inside, you first place your order at the counter. once your food is ready, they’ll deliver it right to your table. i highly recommend trying it if you haven’t been.

after we got back from boulder, we had a few days to just relax in littleton. madeline’s (one of my lifelong best childhood friends) mother held her annual patio party on the weekend we were in town. it was conveniently planned so we could get everyone together for a big reunion. badminton, beer pong, and lots of catching up/gossip/talking about boys was done. consider it a success.

ian & the fam.

when we booked our flights home, i immediately logged online to see what shows were happening at red rocks while we were home. unfortunately, nothing worked out and we didn’t see a show but i still had to take ian there to check out the park. i’m still awestruck every time i go. we didn’t plan it right and couldn’t get into the amphitheater – guess we’ll just have to go back!

FullSizeRender 2


our trip home could not have gone any quicker. we were there for a full week, but it felt like a day. literally FLEW by. thankfully we (aka, master martha) had planned ahead and booked a reservation at linger for our last night. it was amazing. one of the weirdest yet probably the coolest things about the actual location is that it used to be the “olinger mortuary”. when you walk upstairs to the rooftop patio, the “olinger” marqee sign is still standing. and yes, somehow they’ve rigged it so it only lights up to say “linger”

the food was small plate size, so designed for sharing (which happens to be my personal favorite. i mean, who doesn’t like to try at least a bite of everything?!). we started out by everyone choosing one plate to order, but then that plan went to shit real quick. we just couldn’t stop ourselves. 2 hours and 8 pounds later, we called it a night.


i feel like i say this every time i leave denver, but i really love that city. it pulls on my heart strings more and more every trip back. i will be returning again – hopefully soon. and who knows, perhaps the next trip home will be a cross country move home….?

colorado –> vermont –> maine.

a week after we got home from colorado we went back to gay island right outside of cushing, me.

ian’s family has a house on the island and it really is quite heavenly. no tv and no internet. ample book reading, music listening, socializing, drinking (shocker), and against my better judgement, monopoly playing. we ate our body weight in lobster and played with rowdy children.

sunset from the dock.

my new friend jack and i.

back to reality, which essentially means back to work. the air is already feeling crisp here in burlington. crisp air can only mean one thing — fall is coming. and way too quick. i was crunching some leaves that had fallen while i was running the other day…..

i’ll be ready for the fall in like 3 weeks. i think. so please pray for more sunshine and heat!


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