up up and away

i’m leaving. for a week. and i couldn’t be more excited. we’re heading home – colorado, here we come.

i might be the actual worst packer (more like the worst un-packer…. when i get home from a trip my bag is packed literally a week later) of all time.

this is how i pack: i always want something that is in the laundry – because let’s be real – it’s dirty for a reason! attempting to do laundry, but of course half of the clothes that i desperately need (correction: want) to take with are now air drying on the laundry rack. my room is a disaster so i’m attempting to clean that up while i’m getting out all sorts of new clothes. so i’ve got piles of clothes to get put back in the closet and i’ve got piles of clothes that just came out of the closet. then i see something that i haven’t worn in a while and think, “ohhhh, i love this so much, i HAVE to take it with me!” so i revamp my packing list some more and try to figure out how i’ll be able to fit it in. and then i see something and think, “whoa, i didn’t even realize how many clothes i have, i should probably clean out my closet and get rid of some things.”

needless to say, it’s quite difficult. so tonight after doing every single one of those things, i gave up and tiffany and i went on a run.

the easy things to pack – jewels.


quite dated gold, silver and bone necklace – Aldo

long gold signet necklace – jcrew

dainty gold bar necklace – from a lady in woodstock, ny – she has a shop on etsy

big gold hoops – jcrew  

thin silver hoops – i have NO idea where these came from

silver designed hoops – bliss boutique in portland, me

snowflake earrings – jcrew

long spike gold earrings – sweet lady jane in burlington, vt

turquoise and gold spike earrings – nordstrom rack

gold watch – michael kors 

silver watch – nixon 


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