holiday hangover

you feelin’ me?

i feel like 95% of the female population knows what i’m talking about.

the phrase should be in urban dictionary – ‘holiday hangover’

i spent the holidays indulging in every possible food and drink opportunity that presented itself.

chocolate? ok.

christmas cookies? yes please.

whiskey? what a great drink to wash down the chocolate.

eating out? every possible restaurant in burlington.

wine? sure why not, i’ll call it dessert.

i couldn’t stop eating. couldn’t say no. to anything. i think you get the gist…

i party hopped. lots and lots of christmas parties. some with co-workers, some with best friends, and some with new amazing friends!

the martinis were dangerous.

the annual ugly sweater party. i found my sweater 2 hours in advance at kmart. cringe. i didn’t even know this woman – but how great is that?!

amanda and i ventured out into the cold, to drink at an amazing new wine bar in winooski.

my parents, who still reside in colorado, flew out for a few days during the actual christmas holiday. i worked both christmas eve and christmas but had a few days off afterwards. it was amazing to see them. we didn’t have any huge plans – i think everyone just enjoyed relaxing. i think it was a bit overdue for everyone involved.

my parents and sister visited me at work on christmas day. unfortunately (and fortunately) healthcare is a profession that never sleeps.
tiffany and i paid a visit to santa – we obviously had to tell him what we wanted for christmas.

santa brought my mom an iPhone 6 for christmas. lessons from yours truly included. santa also brought my dad lessons on how to use snapchat from yours truly. let’s just say he might be in my “top friends”

we had to actually document his first snap ever. i’d say he’s a quick learner. OR he got amazing lessons. probably the latter…FullSizeRender_1

once my parents left, things died down. kinda. and kinda not at the same time. i also was in such a sugar high i lost all track of time and before i knew it, new years was here!

we spent the night at arts riot grooving to kat wright and the indomitable soul band.

if you ever have a chance to go see her, go. best money ever spent. she puts on a damn good show.

i don’t think there is a single picture documented from that night – sad – but oh well! maybe that’s a sign that we were having just too much fun.

disclaimer – i also just spent about 25 minutes mid blog post to look for pics. i can’t find any! can’t say i didn’t try!

so i guess there’s this thing called, ‘juno’ that has really torn up the northeast. 😉

kidding, kidding. we got hit with juno. not too badly, but we got about 6 or so inches of snow. crazy winds. and super cold temps. like cold where you want to curl up and do nothing in your house while all your friends are out and about and being social.

i do find it funny that NYC was supposed to really get the brunt of it, and they barely got any snow! hey, i guess they were prepared for the worst case scenario. we were told that burlington would only get an inch or so…. let’s just say people were most definitely NOT prepared here. it took me about 45 minutes to drive 4 miles yesterday.


meteorologist – the one job in america where you can be constantly wrong and continue to have a job.

(sorry if you’re a meteorologist) 😀

i hope everyone had an amazing holiday season! hopefully you’re not suffering as badly as i am with your holiday hangover.


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