so many things to be thankful for this holiday season….

one of which most certainly does NOT include the SCREAMING child in starbucks right now. he’s about 3-4 and found a wire basket to play with.

(side note – the wire basket was filled with bags of coffee for sale. he has since dumped the coffee bags on the floor.)

he’s now dragging it across the entire coffee shop. screaming. meanwhile, m&d (or the ‘responsible adults’ are sitting, both on their cell phones. not paying any attention to him).

i think watching kids like that may be the absolute best birth control ever.


don’t get me wrong – i’m all about children. i mean i want to work in a children’s hospital. but come on, people. don’t have children if you can’t care for them properly. OR don’t take them out unless you are prepared to entertain them. perhaps i sound like a stuck up starbucks patron right now, but there is a time and a place for misbehaved kids (i mean they can’t ALL be as perfectly behaved as i was…..) but i don’t think starbucks is one of them.

i digress…..

on to bigger and brighter things.


holy moley am i pumped or what. i’m totally that person to listen to christmas music the second halloween is over.

[yes, you read correctly. i said halloween.]

BUT i do it in secret. i only subject everyone else to listen to it 24×7 starting on thanksgiving.

i’ve always been a huge fan of the holidays but i think i’ve come to appreciate the season even more now that i work in an industry that never sleeps. the sick never sleep. unfortunately (and fortunately) there will always be a need for nurses.

this season, i’ve already worked thanksgiving. i’ll also be working an 8 hour evening on christmas eve, and a 12 hour day shift christmas day. my parents are visiting again for christmas and i’m really looking forward to seeing them!

not being able to fly to colorado to spend the holidays with my family and friends there has definitely been an adjustment. last year was really hard (seeing as that it was the first year away from home for the season) so this year is a bit easier – only because i’ve had practice. 🙂

gosh, i’m making it sound as if it’s the worst thing in the world to live here. but it’s not. i actually love burlington. and all my friends here. and my baird 6 work family.

all it takes is one busy/stressful/not so great day at work to really put things in perspective.

my life is pretty awesome. i shouldn’t ever complain about the little things because someone else will always be having a worse day than i am – example : the screaming little kid i was just bitching about.

be thankful this holiday season. never take the little things for granted because once they’re gone, you’ll miss them.


i’m going to leave you all with an amazing article that one of my previous nursing instructors at UVM wrote. fletcher allen health care just made a multi-million dollar name change to the university of vermont medical center. (talk about a mouthful!)

but she provides a very valid point. check it out. and let me know what you think.

burlington free press ‘nurses essential to delivery of health care’


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