life lately (and not so lately) in photo

told you i’d be back….

this time back in new moon, one of my all time favorite places to go in burlington.

one of the best things about this place is the amount of food they give you. i know, i know, i sound like a total fat kid right now but honestly! i made the mistake once of ordering a medium salad (because i was STARVING) and i didn’t make a dent in it! i barely just finished the small salad i ordered. and yes, i sound super anorexic right now, but i promise you, i’m not. you come here and experience it for yourself.

it’s a gloomy and cloudy day here in burlington. and like my older sister, tiffany, i weirdly love these days. unless they happen like 18 days in a row, then i hate em. but every once in a while, a cloudy day is kinda nice! i’ve decided to spend my day drinking coffee (shocker), working out, chatting with you lovely people, and catching up on some random errands/”to do’s” that have been looming over me for who knows how long.

here is a bit of what i’ve been doing the last like 12 weeks while ignoring you all….. 😐

we went apple picking. on the NICEST day in burlington. and then, so did the rest of vermont. everyone thought it was a great idea to take advantage of the nice weather. we may or may not have had to elbow a few people for the last cider donuts. (;

{and when i say ‘we’ i mean ‘tiffany’}

photo 5

photo 1

for those of you who HAVEN’T been apple picking, we went to chapin orchards. gorgeous area in essex. we picked our own, but for those who are in a time crunch, they have pre-picked apples bagged and ready for pick up!

finally did it. i made the decision. more importantly, i made the appointment to go red. here’s a little before and after… i went to the urban salon team and met with stacey. and let me tell you, she’s a GENIUS when it comes to hair color. i was honestly so nervous that i was about to run screaming out of there before i even walked in. she made me feel comfortable and confident in what i was about to do without being too pushy.

and i love love love how it turned out.

p.s. please disregard the stupid faces.

photo 3 photo 4

we went to san francisco. SWOON. gosh, i love that city. tiffany and i flew out there for a long weekend to spend time with friends and family. we split up time between san fran and st. helena.

we ate. we drank. we ate some more. and we laughed. lots of laughing.

such an amazing time, i can’t wait to go back!

photo 5
en route to napa valley
photo 2
jen and meagan @ cook.
the view from my sister's backyard. woof.
the view from my sister’s backyard. woof.

photo 1photo 3

photo 4

lots of baby time too. she’ll be 1 in just a few short days. i can’t believe it! she’s still so small but hilarious! watch out world, elyse is comin’ for ya.

i took a picture a while ago of battery park. here are a few more (obviously weeks later) showing the time lapse…. kinda cool. one thing that’s different about vermont from colorado is how red the leaves get here. don’t get me wrong, colorado has gorgeous yellows and oranges but nothing like the deep reds we get in vermont.

photo 2 photo 1photo 2

there was lots of anticipation for halloween this year mainly because of the fun parties we were attending…

first party was mahana magic. if there’s only one thing to say about it, go. it was seriously the best time ever. it’s a party in charlotte, at the old lantern. the proceeds benefit children’s whose parents have a terminal illness and it does not disappoint. there’s a haunted house that you have to go through in order to get inside the party and once you get inside, it’s like casper the ghost’s dream come true.

another disclaimer about the party – you must go in costume. and not in a ‘costume i just threw together’ but a legit costume.

photo 3
maleficent. mermaid. slash.

night two of the halloween festivities was held at my friend, greg’s, house. just as fun, but a different type of fun. lots of friends wearing hilarious costumes. these guys won best costumes in my eyes….

photo 1

night three of halloween involved partying at simone and micha’s gorgeous house in williston. lots of festive decorations, strobe lights, (pretty much) every fletcher allen employee ever hired, and micha’s amazing playlist/dj skills. we also had a mini 25th birthday celebration for me. TOTALLY unexpected, and super thoughtful. saturday was spent brunching with my favorite people in burlington at magnolias, getting facials with tiffany at a local spa, and partying into the wee hours of the morning. not too shabby for a birthday.

photo 2
pinata costumes found via pinterest. amazing, right?!

singing birthday

hope everyone else’s fall has been just as amazing as mine! can’t wait for the snow to fly – bought my stowe pass the other day! now i’m off to do a mother nature snow dance.


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