labor(ing) around vt.

happy belated labor day – a holiday for most that means three day weekends, sun, friends, family and lots of fun.

hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! i know i did!

i was supposed to work all weekend, but i actually ended up trading a day last week in order to get sunday off. so saturday after work i made the trek down to barre, to thunder road! in case you don’t know what thunder road is… please check it out here before you make the bold decision to attend. 🙂

one of my co-workers husbands races and when i told her i’d never been she was determined to get me down there. saturday night was spent playing redneck horseshoes, kan jam and corn hole, all while holding a bud light in one hand.  then we “camped” (somehow i don’t consider sleeping in an RV camping, sorry lace.) we woke up on sunday at the crack of dawn to head to the pits. i can’t really explain it from here, i just will say you have to go see it for yourself. i’m so happy i went, it was actually super fun!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1

we wrapped up the weekend watching the final lake monster game of the whole season! it was hot and humid. so instead of sitting in our “assigned seats” we decided to be a bit rebellious and steal others which were conveniently located in the shade. 🙂 oops.

photo 5between laughing at things tiffany was doing, drinking, eating friend dough and watching the game, we pulled out this artsy pic. side note – see that amazing little phone case there?! i’m in love. found it at rifle paper co. go check em out, you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you all enjoyed the “last weekend of the summer” – go out and have fun in the warm weather while it lasts!


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