happy friday everyone! you made it through the week.

the weekend is here! almost…. 

and for some of us (ahem, me) the week is just starting. unfortunately, i’ll be working this weekend.

yet at the same time, it’s not that unfortunate because i had the last like 6 weekends off. so now i’m just paying my dues, attempting to make millions.

i woke up this morning in my new bed. (ah! yes, new bed…. more on that later)

 had my flannel sheets, blankets pulled up to my ears and was just listening to the rain outside; it was heavenly. and to add to it, i was able to sleep in past 7:30 – that’s one for the record books. at that moment, the absolute last thing i wanted to do was move. so i didn’t. i laid in my bed for a while – played around on my phone, read my book, and just didn’t move.

i encourage everyone to just sit and “be” today for a while. sit and let things around you really soak in. it’s rare that this happens; i feel like everyone (including me) is always so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of daily life that just sitting still and soaking in your surroundings rarely happens.

do yourself a favor and slow down everyone once in a while.

soooooo, back to my new bed. [insert googly heart eyes here]

Towne+Queen+Bedthis is my new bed frame. and i’m in love with it.

as most of you know all too well, i’ve been obsessing over finding the perfect bed for a long time. i’ve sat and searched and debated and worried. enough worrying that i probably have a dozen new wrinkles. lovely, i know.

so when i found this one on joss and main i fell in love. and then i started debating. and when i finally decided to buy it, it was sold out. talk about seriously bummed. nothing like realizing how much you really like something until it’s gone. so, my obsessive self kept searching for this exact bed and lovely little google took me back to j&m. to my surprise, somehow it was for sale again. you can bet your pretty little face that i SPRINTED to get my wallet and i typed in those numbers, probably harder than necessary, and it’s now MINE.

if there’s anything that i can tell you about this super drawn out process, it’s to not jump at something you think you love right away. sounds silly especially after my debocle, but just sleep on it for 24 hours (ha, pun intended). make sure you still love it the next day. all this talk of my bed, makes me want to get back in it.

if you need me, i’ll be in my bed. with a good book, a cup of coffee, and a warm blanket.


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