life lately in photo

and i’m back to bombard you with pictures. pictures of my summer. and it’s been amazing thus far. however, for some of these, they don’t quite do it justice. it’ll probably just give you the biggest case of FOMO. (and yes, i just said FOMO. i’m about 3 coffees deep at this point today….)

consider yourself warned.

biking to the causeway with my friends lindsay and jess. as shady and relaxing as it looks, it was HAWT. like, sunburn and sweaty kinda hawt. we proceeded to jump into the lake immediately after this.  

photo 4

fourth of july festivities with tiffany and friends. sailing around lake champlain at sunset. life didn’t suck then, that’s for sure. 

photo 1

a few weekends ago our mom came to visit and the three of us drove up to portland, me. it was a belated birthday celebration for the one and only, fanny jo. 🙂 we spent the weekend, dining, drinking, enjoying the sun on the beach, and doing a bit of shopping. if you’re ever going to portland (which i highly recommend) here are a few of our favorite places to visit:

1. duckfat restaurant.

not even sure how to explain this place. all i can say is you have to go. we went for a later lunch (2ish) and we still had to wait like 30 minutes but it was worth it! if you’re going, eat a snack before hand because there WILL be a wait, but it WILL be worth it. 

2. bliss boutique.

let’s just say it would be dangerous if this store were located closer to burlington. (and yes, i’m saying this even after my last post about material items…. it’s just that amazing.) 

a little bit of casual, a little bit of dressy, and i wanted it all. 

3. boda restaurant. 

disclaimer – not a place for timid/picky eaters. 

small plate thai food. eclectic thai food. i definitely recommend doing the small plates and sharing with people – that way you get to try a little of everything. and hey, sharing is caring, right?!

4. urban sugar donut food truck.

super cheap, made to order donuts. we had bacon on ours. enough said. 

photo 2photo 4photo 5photo 3photo 1 (5)

sounds like we just ate our way through portland, which i guess would be true. such a fun and relaxing weekend with my mom and sister. we’ve already picked the destination for next year’s celebration. 

feast your eyes on the graham & co – i mean, swoon.

i’ve been spending lots of time on the lake this summer. my friend, greg, has been teaching me how to wake surf; it’s actually super fun and thankfully it’s not as painful to fall as wake boarding. less whiplash, more grace. (;

photo 2

photo 2 (4)photo 3

spending lots of time on the dance floors of local bars. and in the classiest way possible, really bad, super fun dancing. i mean, who doesn’t love dancing? 

although, i’ll be the first to admit that summer in burlington is best spent outdoors. the past few weekends were spent on outside patios with some good drinks and great friends. 

oh. and playing kickball. 

photo 4photo 5

photo 1

this past weekend, i was lucky enough to attend a great friend’s wedding at sugarbush resort. lots of friends from near and far flew in and we made it the best weekend ever.

a little working out, a little pool time, lots of laughter and catching up with the best people ever. 

congrats to the beautiful couple, alicia & brad! alicia and brad

photo 5 photo 2photo 3

photo 4

as annoying as i feel snapping pics left and right and always being the annoying “you guys, smile!” person, it’s awesome to be able to look back and remember all the fun and good times that were had. 

i’m off to snap some pics. happy snapping! 


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