so i’ve been in the process of moving for the last month. yes, you heard me correctly, month

and during that month i’ve been attempting to gather all of my belongings and pack it into boxes, bags, duffels, etc. 

my family has always joked and given me a hard time about the amount of stuff i have,

“oh my gosh, you’ll never be able to drive back to colorado with the amount of stuff you have!”

“i don’t have one, but let’s ask adison, she DEFINITELY will.”

well now, ladies and gentlemen, i’ve seen the light! 


when i say i have a lot of stuff, that’s an understatement. 

let’s just say i’ve been purging. hard core. and to be honest, it feels awesome. i had the most random things ever. of all time. i’ve lived here for 6 years and somehow have been able to cram my life into itty bitty dorm rooms, and (sometimes) smaller college apartments. 

well, the time has come and i’m now the proud owner of less stuff. (insert beaming face here). 

in the middle of all my sorting, purging, and (certainly cannot forget) sweating i was seriously wondering why i had everything i did and why it was so hard for me to get rid of. it was just material items, most of which i didn’t know how i had accumulated them. now that they’re gone, i haven’t once looked back to say, “oh i really could use _____ right now.” 

and so here is my life coach lesson of the day:

everyone needs to stop being so damn concerned with the material aspects of the world. 

don’t get me wrong, i love a new lip color and pair of shoes as the next girl, but in the grand scheme of things, IT DOESN’T MATTER. 

what does, are the relationships you hold with your friends and family. next time you’re worrying about, ‘the next hot item’ just do me a favor – call your long lost best friend or grandmother first. then if you still want ‘the next hot item’ after the phone call, well then go ahead and let your hair down, girl. 

photo 1
some bvt summer.


One thought on “stuff.

  1. SO true. i love new things, but the excitement of new things quickly fades and an empty bank account seems to linger a little longer… shoot.

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