happy wednesday readers – you’re officially halfway to the weekend, congrats!

nothing super new or exciting going on in my world.

just a few updates here and there…

1. i’m moving! can’t wait! although i love love LOVE the house i’m in, i’m really looking forward to moving in with tiffany and juergen. we’ve decided to take the plunge and move into a 2 bedroom house here in burlington. close enough to walk everywhere still, and i get to live with my other half! not sure how much juergen will like it…. 🙂

here are my top 3 “pinspiration” pics (ha! get it?)

i’ll take this bed. please and thank you.


we have an awesome backyard but i think we need these.


i mean…. come on.


now if only i had the budget, the time, and the dedication to make our new house look like these pics…

2. i’m actually in the market  for a new bed frame. if someone tells me where to get the one from above, i’ll love you forever.

i’ve been looking at a few, i just can’t decide what one to get and if it’s worth it or not. again – i’d need to win the lottery to buy anything super fancy but am definitely not opposed to saving towards one that i’m in love with.

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

3. and on to my final matter of business. as you all know i’ve been wanting to dye my hair for who knows how long. FAR too long. and i’m just too big of a chicken to do it. but now that the seasons are changing and the sun is out and about, i’m getting a tad braver.

this is my dream hair. but i know that only emma can pull of amazing-ness such as that.

so i’m resorting to this being my dream hair.


now please. help a sister out. and just give me some feedback.



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