life lately in photo

i’m back from another (oops) hiatus.

i’ve done a lot in the last month.


lots of pics.

lots of news.

we’ll start with the pics.

1. i went to new orleans & gulf shores with my parents. ate. drank. hung on the beach.

image (45)
the view from our balcony in gulf shores
image (43)
artsy, i know.

image (42)

image (39)
attempting to catch BOTH of my parents on their phones after dinner. oh how times have changed…

image (44)
my future vacation home. i mean, how cute is this place?
image (46)
my cute parents at dinner in NOLA pre iPhone takeover


2. i went to chicago. saw some amazing friends (it had been far too long). drank. laughed. reminisced about old times.

image (36)
sunrise en route.
image (37)
mcdoobs solves everything at 5:45 am
image (33)
frame worthy. our favorite from the whole trip.
image (30)
the bean.
image (31)
selfie from the john hancock building.
image (32)
the bean 2.
image (34)
shenanigans outside wrigley field for opening day.
image (35)
the bean 3. 
image (40)
more shenanigans outside wrigley
picture perfect snap chat.
picture perfect snap chat.


3. daily pictures of the cutie, elyse.

again, consider yourself warned.

words don’t do her justice.

image (47)

image (48)

image (49)

image (50)

image (51)

happy wednesday, lovies. halfway point to the weekend!


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