fat tuesday

so you may have heard of this fun website called pinterest.

i have a love-hate relationship with pinterest.

LOVE it.

i love how i sit down and say, “okay, i’ll just be here for 20 minutes before i go to the gym”

and then somehow i look at the clock and not only 20 minutes has quickly passed but an additional 60 minutes! just like that. gone. finito.

and that is why i hate it.

however, i love it more than i hate it.

so i’ve spent my morning on pinterest. looking at vacation spots.

or places i’d rather be than here in cold-dreary vermont.

right now, i’d prefer to be anywhere warmer than 70 degrees.

in a remote location preferably. i mean, how good do these places look?

ImageImageImageImageall images found via pinterest

one of best friends who must remain anonymous is in the process of designing her own swimsuit line. and once she has manufactured them, i’ll be buying all of them and taking them to these tropical locations.

along with some of these goodies:

ImageImageImageImageImageagain, all images found via pinterest

in just a few weeks, i’ll be taking off heading for new orleans to meet my parents for a little get-away! can’t wait!

have any of you lovies been before? any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

in the mean time, i should probably hit the gym. and attempt to look like that girl does in a bikini.

happy fat tuesday everyone! hope you all got to indulge in some pancakes this morning!


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