saturday night randoms.

i have a cat allergy. a severe cat allergy. 

and hey, guess what?! 

my roommate’s boyfriend bought her a kitten.

it’s a cute one, but it’s been rather difficult to get used to. 

any pointers from other cat allergy sufferers would be greatly appreciated. 😀


in other news i really want these

but i can’t decide what color to choose. i’m diggin all of em, actually, but i think i’d have to say my favorites are the mango & grey. 



i also have been thinking of getting myself a new haircut. 

i work with someone who has the cutest short haircut. ever. 

every time i see someone with short hair, i get inspired. 


i cut it. and then realize why i don’t like short hair. because it takes WAY more effort than it seems. 

so now i’m asking for more advice/tricks of the trade/secret weapons any of you have for styling short hair. 



somewhat of a short & totally cluster of a post this evening. 

but i’m leaving you all with 3 of my favorite phrases.

all found from pinterest, of course.







happy weekend, love birds


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