holiday cheer

so as i told everyone the other day, i’m out of work for a WEEK. which at first i was distraught about for a variety of reasons…

1. wow, what am i going to do for a week?

2. wait, a week?!

3. i can only imagine how measly my paycheck will be.

4. ugh, a week.

so i then decided to take matters into my own hands…

yesterday i showed up at work and asked to come back. some people were all for it and then my nurse manager had to veto the idea. which i understand seeing as that the ophthalmologist “highly recommends” i don’t return for a week.

THEN i called the ophthalmologist’s office to speak with the doctor to see if she, for some miraculous reason, had changed her mind. she didn’t.

so then i called my older sister, tiffany.

while i was wallowing in self-pity and complaining about life tiffany made me snap out of it by reminding me of a few things.

1. when you DO work, you complain about not having enough time to do things for yourself.

2. when you ARE doing things for yourself you feel guilty & say you should be doing something more productive.

3. although it may suck to not be working, take this time to actually do things you want to do. watch some movies you never see, decorate your house, take a nap, make some cookies…

and then it all clicked-at this point in my life she definitely was playing the “older and wiser” sister.

after her little pep-talk i realized she was right, but don’t let that go to your head, tiffany… yes, it sucks not to be working but at least i have a job! and an amazing family & awesome friends. and great roommates with a cute little house.

so today i’ve decided to really get into the christmas spirit & take some time for me.

i woke up and read my “photography for beginners” book. i’ve owned a nikon t3i for a few years but i’ve yet to feel like i really know how to use it. so i’m taking matters into my own hands.

i’m currently watching the family stone which happens to be one of my all time favorite holiday films. highly recommend it.

i also plan on doing a bit of holiday baking – who doesn’t love santa shaped sugar cookies?

don’t forget the holiday candles. a new favorite is this one from target! smells exactly like a christmas tree, and the pretty jar it comes in just makes me love it more.

that was an extremely long and wordy post for a short message.

be thankful.

be thankful for what you have and with the people you surround yourself with. life doesn’t always happen the way you expect or want it to. yet, it’s times of adversity that make us who we are.

go tell someone today that you’re thankful for them. and go do something for yourself today. and enjoy it.

snowwishing burlington was getting some of the winter wonderland that was happening in other parts of the county.

stay safe everyone!


One thought on “holiday cheer

  1. AND because of our new thrifty bitches savings plan, we will soon be able to jetset around to find the snow that is sadly not appearing yet in burlington. 🙂

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