“insert title here”

welp. i’ve done it again. 


apparently i’m really good at that. 


but on a happier note, the broncos play tonight, woohoo! and we all get to watch this hunk play. Imagenot too shabby, right?  


it feels like fall. and i’m in love. because then i get to bundle up with all my bulky sweaters, scarves, throw on my boots and be in fall heaven.  as much as i love the sun and warmer months, i just am a sucker for fall. i could go on an on but i’ll spare you. 

a few items that may or may not have fallen into my wardrobe: 



yet another reason i’m looking forward to colder weather, i get to wear my bb dakota davina coat.



and obviously i’ll wear it with these amazing frye riding boots. there was a store in burlington that had an amazing sale on everything in the store and i couldn’t say no. i need to learn how to though, it would make my wallet a little heavier. 



i wore these DV by dolce vita leather booties out last night, and boy oh boy am i in love. i was worried that they would rub the wrong way seeing as that i haven’t worn them in but they fit like a glove. i wore them with a little black dress and jacket. 



tiffany and i drank a bit too much, searched the town for crab rangoons (apparently there is no “late night” chinese in burlington) and gossiped into the wee hours of the night.


so being from colorado, i’ve been used to the dry climate and the typical “fire season” but never would i ever think that we’d have flooding.

especially to this extent. 

i have a bunch of friends in boulder still and it’s heartbreaking to see the extent of damage. my dad works for FEMA so i’ve been getting all sorts of “behind the lines” information &  it is unreal. i think the hardest part is hearing about it all and not being able to do anything! i couldn’t imagine. sending all my warm wishes and happy thoughts to everyone who has been affected in this terrible storm. it definitely makes you think twice about life. 

my life isn’t perfect. it won’t ever be. and this is something i strive constantly to remember because let’s be real, the idea of perfect is nice. things happen and life can throw you a curve ball (or seven) but it’s how you react that really matters. i’ve been trying to take things as they come and stop stressing over things that cannot be changed. i’ll leave you with this little pinterest find which i love. why? because it’s awesome. 




p.s. go broncos. 




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