mumble jumble.

my mind is going 100 miles an hour in 100 different directions. consider yourself warned. 

i’ve yet to re-finish my dresser. but i’m going to start tomorrow. wait, i don’t even know if i’ve told you i’m going to re-finish it. but i am. and i’m going to start the process tomorrow. (i think). here is the blog i found the info on! 

i finally have signed a lease and we picked out rooms so i’m super excited to get things moving along in the decoration phase. 🙂 i’m going to buy a set of lights like these but on the wires, i’m going to buy some thick twine and wrap around it. then i’ll hang the lights on the covered porch. once it’s finished i’ll snap some pics! i’m going to the barge canal market tomorrow so hopefully i’ll find some goodies for my new house/room!

i also really want to buy some succulents. i think they’re so cool! but then i’m not quite sure where to put them… do you water them?  any pointers would be greatly appreciated! 

i got my first big girl paycheck last week. 😀 and then i went and bought myself a new pair of jeffrey campbell flats i’ve been wanting. then i owe my mom a lot of money and have to pay off a credit card bill with the rest of it. yuck. 

I CANNOT WAIT FOR OSHEAGA!!!!! tiffany and some friends and i are all going this weekend. it’s going to be a blast and a half. such a good line up and with a great group of gals, who wouldn’t be pumped?

i really want the iphone 5. but i have stupid verizon and if you’re me and want a new smart phone you’d lose your unlimited data plan. if i were to get a new phone, i’d have to start paying for data. ANNOYING. i need to figure out my way around that. 

i’ll leave you all with the stinkin cutest 6 month old ever. like of all time. 

meet leighton.

whoa. i don’t know if i’ve ever been more scatterbrained/had more word vomit ever. sorry. 🙂 happy sunday!


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