swimsuit & a scooter

happy sunday everyone! i spent today organizing for my FIRST day in the hospital as an RN, (ah!) scootering all over town, and doing some cooking! i went to tiffany’s house to hang out by the pool, rough life, right? it was both hot and humid today so nothing felt better than that cold pool. Imageon my way back from tiffany’s i stopped by the grocery store and got the ingredients to make this black bean soup. i know, soup sounds weird when it’s hot and humid but i couldn’t resist. it literally took 20 minutes to make and was actually really good! the whole idea behind the soup was that i can take the leftovers to work this week! if i don’t plan my lunches at the beginning of the week, i do one of two things: 1. spend money that i don’t want to spend (or) 2. eat food that isn’t great for me (and when i’m feeling super lazy i spend money AND buy bad food). i’ll let you all know how this “great” idea works out! 

i found this really amazing website called kitchen daily (where i found that recipe) and i fell in love right away! you can use their search bar to look for somethings specific or just browse. one of the coolest things is that you can make a grocery list right online! add whatever else you may need and have it printed or emailed! brilliant. and the best part about the ENTIRE website is that it’s free! check it out, make some food and let me know if there are any favorite must make recipes! 


happy sunday lovers! i’m off to take the love pup to the beach! 


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