motivation hunting

i need some serious motivation. to stick. for a long time. where in the world do i find it? 

i’ve played sports (mostly lacrosse) my entire life and have always been part of a team. working out never felt like working out when it was doing something i loved. now that i’m (tear) no longer officially part of a team i need to find something else i love. ASAP. because this whole, “i’m just going to go work out because i need to” thing isn’t working for me. i’ll get into a little groove for maybe 3/4 days max, and then i lose all hope. AHHHHH. 

disclaimer: i’m not complaining about my body type or calling myself fat. i’ve been pretty blessed with good genes and a quick metabolism my whole life. yet, when you’ve worked out your whole life and suddenly that comes crashing violently into a brick wall… you can tell. 

i’ve been trying to eat healthy and do a relatively decent job, yet when you’re broke as a joke you gotta do what you gotta do. fresh fruits and veggies are EXPENSIVE! can’t wait for my first big girl paycheck so i don’t feel so pathetic! 🙂 

i really like pinterest and i see all those extremely fit, tan girls in their skimpy spandex and for me, that’s not as realistic as i’d like it to be. sometimes (when i’m having a super skinny day) i feel like i could be those girls. then sometimes, (when i’m eating popcorn for dinner) i realize i may be the furthest thing from being them. ha. it’s a vicious cycle. 

this is where i’m calling to all of you people. help a sister out. i need motivation. of any kind. a few words, a favorite workout, a new recipe to try. seriously ANYTHING will help at this point. i’m begging. i bought this book at costco today to try and jumpstart some good habits. i’ll let you know if there are any worth sharing! 


One thought on “motivation hunting

  1. hey chick. i feel your pain on this one! it’s something i have struggled with since graduating high school (hence why i had to go shopping for fat pants after freshman year of college…)

    BUT know that i am here for you and if you want to do some dumb ass juice cleanse, i’ll do it with you! want to only eat at home for a week and save money (and our waistlines) i’ll do it with you! you’re in a huge transition right now into the big kid world of the working and it is tough trying to find the balance of eating healthy, working out, spending 8+ hours a day at work and still trying to squeeze in a social life and some sleep. i am SO proud of you for all that you have accomplished and KNOW that you will find your niche and be incredibly successful.

    so in the meantime, let’s get healthy! and sign up for kickball. 🙂 XOXO

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