Adison Rounds, RN

it’s official. FINALLY. this summer i literally have done nothing but eat, sleep, and study. and i love being able to say that my hard work has paid off!  i took my NCLEX this past tuesday and found out results wednesday morning! what better timing?! now i officially start at my big girl job tomorrow morning!

enough about that… hope everyone had an amazing fourth of july! probably one of my favorite holidays ever. i mean, what could be better than getting to celebrate america with lots of great friends, booze, and great weather?! need i say more? i spent the day drinking way too much, spending time on the beach with some girlfriends and enjoyed the local fireworks that night. one of my best friends was in town with his girlfriend and we got to spend time at camp. overall, it’s been a FABULOUS week here in burlington (even with all the miserable rain we’ve been getting).

happy 4th!
happy 4th!
at tyler's camp after the storm.
at tyler’s camp after the storm.
my hot dinner date.
my hot dinner date.

tiffany and i went to the BEST little restaurant the other night. anyone in burlington, i highly recommend it. duene is a little hole in the wall kinda place and it has the most eclectic, amazing food ever. oh! and there’s live music. hooked? tiffany and i got the pleasure of sitting at one of the “datey tables” in the back – romantic.

today one of my girlfriends and i went and spent some time just relaxing. got a few drinks in winooski, went to the farmers market, did some shopping on church street and got lunch at new moon. i’d call it an upgrade from my previous sundays. now i’m off to enjoy what’s left of it!


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