I am not dead.

…although it might seem like I am. Yet somehow, I really have no excuses as to where I’ve been. I just started classes this week and have only been working in the meantime. Not sure where I’ve disappeared to? Oops.

Things are picking up here in Burlington. Between Tiffany being in town (wahoooooooooo),  working a bunch (Sylvie is no longer sick!), classes starting (yuck), working out at Marketplace Fitness (still feeling the pain from class yesterday…), and planning a spring break trip (CANCUN HERE WE COME!) I feel like I’m in way over my head! Oh, and it doesn’t help when it’s so cold outside that you can’t feel the snot from your nose running down your face. Overshare? Maybe, but it’s the truth. 


Tiffany has finally settled in (Juergen was gone for a few weeks so we had time to do some necessary apartment primping) and she started at her new job at UVM this week! She is working in Breast Cancer Research (smarty pants) and hopefully one day she’ll become super famous and rich when she finds the cure. 

Sylvie is finally healthy! It was a long fall semester but she is now happy and laughing every day again. That girl is full of smiles when she feels good. 


I think if Sylvie had the choice of snuggling all day every day, she would.

Because it’s my last possible year to go on a spring break trip, I think it has to happen. There is a group of us that are trying to go (or at least expressing interest). We sat down the other night to make some plans and we decided to go to Cancun. Our break is like 5 weeks (OMG!) away and all that’s left is to physically pay for the trip. Here is where we’re planning to go. I can’t wait! Now time for the stereotypical “I’ll have carrots and celery for the next 5 weeks” spring break diet. As if that’ll happen. Oh, and a trip to Target in Plattsburgh is a must for some suit shopping! 

Seeing as that the weather is spitefully cold, the only thing I feel like doing is spending time in front of the hot oven/stove. Preferably both actually. I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm in order to warm up. I’ve actually made some good stuff too – love when things turn out the way you want them to. I found some great recipes on Pinterest

This was SO good!

Found via Pinterest, but originally found here.

Image…Originally found here. Goooood. NOT good for my Cancun beach bod. :/

Please excuse my fabulous photography AND my nice baking pan.

Sometimes I feel super creative and like to think I can cook without using a recipe. Well, to be honest, I artfully (if you will) combined two recipes to make butternut squash stuffed shells. Best thing about them was that they were delicious hot OR cold! I brought them for lunches the entire week and didn’t have to worry about finding a microwave! 

I forgot to mention how CRAZY Grey’s Anatomy is getting… It’s on tonight too! Can’t wait! Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!




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